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June 5, 2015

Out & About: June 2015

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JUNE 5: Pool opened, two families enjoyed swimming the first day

JUNE 6: Laurel Mountain Park is sponsoring a pool party June 6. Watch your email for further information.

June 2, 2015

Out & About: May 2015

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NOTICE: Since mid-March Laurel Mountain Borough has been challenged with atypical events. Rumors are flying and imaginations are activated.

What is known is that there have been 3 break-ins: one on Maple Rd. (Phil Rose), one on Laurel Rd., and one on Locust Rd.

  • Burglary, someone forced entry through a window at a Locust Street residence and tried to light a fire inside. —Tribune Review, Blotter, 6/5/2015, pp B2

Might I personally encourage each of you to be proactive in keeping our Borough safe by:

  • Keeping your ears and eyes open to anything unusual, especially around part-time housing…if you suspect someone contact the mayor or a council member
  • Contacting any owner of a part-time residence that you know, to inform them about what is happening in the Borough. They probably don’t know, so cannot take action to protect their property.

May, all month: Many thanks to those who worked hard to clean up the Laurel Mountain Park pool and shelter house. Laurel Mountain Park is sponsoring a pool party June 6. Watch your email for further information.


Out & About: April 2015

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April 24: Phil Rose and Jane, his long-time girl friend, were married in Phil’s hospital room at the hospital in Johnstown.

 April 28: The home of Phil Rose was broken into. Windows were broken and antiques were destroyed. The five perpetrators were between 11 and 14 years old; three live in Laurel Mountain Borough.

Three of the perpetrators were caught “in the act” by a Borough resident, who called the police. The crime on Maple Rd. was reported on live television and in the newspapers.

Links to the newspaper accounts:

February 4, 2015

Our & About: February 2014

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NOTICE: Laurel Mountain Borough council meeting February 19, 17:30 p. m. at the Laughlintown Community Center

FEBRUARY 3, 2014 A picturesque day (photos by Carolyn Cornel Holland):IMG_2926E 140203

IMG_2901E 140203

IMG_2811E 140203IMG_2821E 140203IMG_2898E 140203IMG_2910E 140203IMG_2874E 140203

May 15, 2014


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MAY 17-18, 2014: Pool cleanup

140517 IMG_5218E

140518 IMG_5254E

140518 IMG_5255E

140518 IMG_5264E

140517 IMG_5201E

May 2, 2014: Bear were spotted this spring by numerous Borough residents. Dan O’Brien discovered what might be a bear den:

IMG_4183E 140503 DAN

IMG_4179E 140503 DAN

IMG_4184E 140503 DAN


April 16, 2014


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APRIL 2014:


Rumors have it that a bear with three cubs is roaming around the boro, toppling garbage cans, looking for food. DO NOT come between the mama bear and her cubs. Be very careful. The bear has been sighted by numerous persons in the boro.

Rumor has it that it is a bear that has a nest in the woods and keeps returning year after year.

Note that unless it is a mama bear and her cubs, black bear are more afraid of you than you are of them. If you find yourself confronting a bear, do not look them in the eyes or run.

Instead, raise your arms and yell—Go bear, or anything—and it should turn and run. While walking in the area talk loudly, whistle, sing, whatever, to warn the bear so it can run before you see it.

Take your bird feeders in the house at night, and make certain not to have foodstuff on your property.

Here’s an article on bears: Bear Attack Tales With a Tinge of Humor

Be safe. Know your bear facts.


Three deer ran across the road in front of me the other day. Then there were five deer in my yard. Be careful driving, use caution. Don’t get smashed by one of them.

APRIL 15, 2014

After several wonderful days snow reappeared about 4:00 p. m. today.


APRIL 27, 2014:

Our Spring 2014 Meeting:

Sunday, April 27th

2:00 pm

The Pool Shelter House

Learn about our exciting new season:

Parties/Community Involvement

Pool and building upkeep


Spring Cleaning

We welcome everyone from Laurel Mountain Borough. More hands make for lighter work. New ideas are always welcome. We want the pool to stay, so please become a member and join our efforts to keep our treasure open for another season.

Remember: having an updated, aesthetically pleasing pool adds value to your property. The pool is run by you and me, so let’s work together to make it a success.

If you would prefer to receive meeting notices via e-mail, please e-mail Sue Crouse:

We look forward to seeing you April 27th.


Dan O’Brien (president), Gretchen Griffith (vice-president), Elizabeth Fuchs (secretary), Sue Crouse (treasurer), and Carolyn Holland (past-president)

APRIL 2, 2014

NOTICE to All Laurel Mountain Boro residents:

The 2014 membership dues for Laurel Mountain Park remain at $50.00

Please remit to:

Laurel Mountain Park, Inc.

P.O. Box 39

32 Walnut Road

Laughlintown, PA 15655

Thank you in advance for your prompt payment!

Susan Crouse, treasurer

February 22, 2014

Out & About: February 2014

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IMG_2874E 140203

We’ve had quite a winter so far this year. I hope you’ve survived the travails of blast after blast of snow, ice, and cold that Old Man Winter has thrust upon us.

I predict it’s not over yet, even though we’ve had a spell of several days of sun that’s removed snow and a good bit of ice. Punxsutawney Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter—those six weeks won’t end until mid-March.

I was checking my records and came across challenging winter storms in March and on April 22 last year.

My suggestion is that lessons are learned from the harsh winter of past months. We’ve heard complaints from numerous people living in several communities.

The big complaints everywhere this season has been the roads and insufficient perishable goods.

Road maintenance people are not gods, nor do they control Old Man Winter or Mother Nature. When the heavens open and deposit an inordinate amount of precipitation on the roads everyone must have patience, especially with faithful volunteers who, in spite of being inundated, work to keep the roads at least passable.

Might I suggest the following

  • if you must walk on the roads you have a pair of ice cleats on your shoes, and you carry deicer, cat litter, or sand with you to prevent falls.
  • during this break in weather supply your cupboards with milk (or milk substitutes such as Boost or Slimfast, perfectly good substitutes for milk), canned food, bottled juice.
  • just in case, maintain a supply of water (not necessarily for drinking, but for household use) in a niche in your home.
  • have a supply of batteries for flashlights in the event the power goes off
  • finally, pick out a couple of good books and, when the weather is inclement, curl up on your couch with a cup of coffee or tea and be grateful that Old Man Winter and Mother Nature give you a break.

And remember, the snow covers our spring surprises. On Feb. 22, 2013, the snowdrops were in bloom. Today they could not be—they were covered by snow.

IMG_2898E 140203I realize some of you must be out even in the worst weather. Please be prepared (have charged cell phone, flashlights blankets, gas in the car). And drive safely. We want everyone to have a wonderful spring and summer.

January 29, 2014

Out & About: January 2014

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January 6, 2014: Laurel Mountain Borough Council organizational meeting voted the following:

  • Joe Griffith, President
  • Monte W. Holland, Vice President

The following appointments were made:

  • Taryn Ankney:   secretary/treasurer
  • Gladys Light: vacancy board chair
  • Dan O’Brien was retained as emergency management coordinator
  • Paul A. Fry, Jr.: to represent LMB to the Westmoreland County Tax Collection Committee

Completing the Borough Council are

  • Mark Lynch
  • Sue Crouse

Sworn in to serve Laurel Mountain Borough were

  • Mark Lynch (elected)
  • Joe Griffith (reelected)
  • Geri Fleming (tax collector)

January 7: Before Tuesday morning was over, Laughlintown would realize its 15 minutes of fame when the National Weather Service proclaimed it the coldest spot in Southwestern Pennsylvania during a blast of frigid weather that sent temperatures across the nation plunging to levels not seen in two decades.

At its coldest, Laughlintown felt like minus-39 degrees with the wind chill, according to the weather service,…

Other places in Southwestern Pennsylvania were cold — wind chills hit minus-38 in Plum and minus-37 in Vandergrift, Monroeville and Perryopolis — but none were as frosty as Laughlintown, the sleepy, unincorporated village in Ligonier Township about 20 miles southeast of Greensburg and perched at the base of Laurel Mountain.

“It was so cold you felt like your eyeballs were going to freeze,” said Davis, a cashier at the (Pie Shoppe).

Read the Tribune Review article

Ice in Washington Furnace Run

Ice in Washington Furnace Run

IMG_2697E  140125

December 5, 2013

Out & About: December 2013 Laurel Mountain Boro (PA)

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DECEMBER 8: Members and Friends of Laurel Mountain Borough,  You are invited to our holiday party!

Fun for kids: Santa is coming

Place: Laughlintown Community Center

Date: December 8, 201 3

Time: from 4 to 7 P.M.

Provided: Baked ham and place settings

Bring: Your specialty holiday dish to share.

A Santa hat for each person attending (we’d like a great picture of everyone)

Parents please refer to secret notice


Bonnie at 724 238-7216,

Nicole at 72238-6429 (email )

Sue at 724 238-6844 (email

Laurel Mountain Borough (PA) Christmas Party 2013

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Laurel Mt Park, lnc.

P.O. Box 39

Laughlintown, PA 15655

Members and Friends of Laurel Mountain Borough

You are invited to our holiday party!

Fun for kids: Santa is coming

Place: Laughlintown Community Center

Date: December 8, 201 3

Time: from 4 to 7 P.M.

Provided: Baked ham and place settings

Bring: Your specialty holiday dish to share.

A Santa hat for each person attending (we’d like a great picture of everyone)

Parents please refer to secret notice

Secret Message December 2013


Bonnie at 724 238-7216,

 Nicole at 72238-6429 (email

Sue at 724 238-6844 (email

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