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April 16, 2014


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APRIL 2014:


Rumors have it that a bear with three cubs is roaming around the boro, toppling garbage cans, looking for food. DO NOT come between the mama bear and her cubs. Be very careful. The bear has been sighted by numerous persons in the boro.

Rumor has it that it is a bear that has a nest in the woods and keeps returning year after year.

Note that unless it is a mama bear and her cubs, black bear are more afraid of you than you are of them. If you find yourself confronting a bear, do not look them in the eyes or run.

Instead, raise your arms and yell—Go bear, or anything—and it should turn and run. While walking in the area talk loudly, whistle, sing, whatever, to warn the bear so it can run before you see it.

Take your bird feeders in the house at night, and make certain not to have foodstuff on your property.

Here’s an article on bears: Bear Attack Tales With a Tinge of Humor

Be safe. Know your bear facts.


Three deer ran across the road in front of me the other day. Then there were five deer in my yard. Be careful driving, use caution. Don’t get smashed by one of them.

APRIL 15, 2014

After several wonderful days snow reappeared about 4:00 p. m. today.


APRIL 27, 2014:

Our Spring 2014 Meeting:

Sunday, April 27th

2:00 pm

The Pool Shelter House

Learn about our exciting new season:

Parties/Community Involvement

Pool and building upkeep


Spring Cleaning

We welcome everyone from Laurel Mountain Borough. More hands make for lighter work. New ideas are always welcome. We want the pool to stay, so please become a member and join our efforts to keep our treasure open for another season.

Remember: having an updated, aesthetically pleasing pool adds value to your property. The pool is run by you and me, so let’s work together to make it a success.

If you would prefer to receive meeting notices via e-mail, please e-mail Sue Crouse:

We look forward to seeing you April 27th.


Dan O’Brien (president), Gretchen Griffith (vice-president), Elizabeth Fuchs (secretary), Sue Crouse (treasurer), and Carolyn Holland (past-president)

APRIL 2, 2014

NOTICE to All Laurel Mountain Boro residents:

The 2014 membership dues for Laurel Mountain Park remain at $50.00

Please remit to:

Laurel Mountain Park, Inc.

P.O. Box 39

32 Walnut Road

Laughlintown, PA 15655

Thank you in advance for your prompt payment!

Susan Crouse, treasurer


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