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October 3, 2008


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October 2, 2008: I apologize for not posting in September. However, I was out of town from the first to the twenty-eighth, traveling up the New England coast by way of Philadelphia, and returning home by way of northern New York. I’m back now, and hope to keep this site up better than I have been doing…NOTE: It’s BEAR TIME! The first bear sighting I’ve heard about occurred last night. The O’Brien’s sensor light went on and Amy rolled over and saw a bear. Dan said it was a couple hundred pounds, with no tags. The bear bolted, he said. Amy said the bear returned. They have paw print smudges on their living room window. It’s time to TAKE YOUR BIRD FEEDERS INSIDE at night…There are four “for sale” signs at the front entrance to the borough, although one of the houses, on Maple Rd., has added a “SOLD” sign.

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