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June 26, 2011


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June 3, 2011: LMP sponsored a successful pizza party tonight. Thanks go to the organizers!

June 9, 2011: A real estate, vehicle, and house contents auction was held at the now former Zimovan residence on Beechwood Road today. Several LMB residents picked up nice items to remember the Zimovans with.

June 21, 2011: Bird attacks LMB resident: After Monte and I returned home from a visit to Lakeside, Ohio, I was on my patio with a several friends, telling them about a bird attack I witnessed there, I was told about the same thing happening one day in LMB. A few days previously a mother and daughter found a baby bird that apparently fell out of its nest. Her daughter decided to gently pick it up and set it on a tree limb. As she did so, two blue jays dive-bombed her. They were apparently the parents of the baby bird, and were teaching it how to fly. (to read about the bird attack in Lakeside, click on Bird Attack! Dive bombing birds attack humans!)

June 26, 2011: Guess who came to Carolyn and Monte’s house (Hemlock Road)  for breakfast at 10:00 this morning?


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