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July 31, 2010


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I’ve been negligent…have been trying to write more, and attention to the blogs since May has been minimal. Hopefully, I can pick up and begin posting more often, even though I am still writing the world famous novel…Carolyn C. Holland

JULY 30, 2010: The borough is hopping today—with a graduation party this afternoon, and a reunion at the pool house this evening.

LAST WEEK IN JULY: Thursday’s torrential rains had ditches overflowing and water streaming in all the areas the LMB Council road workers are trying to correct. I understand that this rain was not as heavy as at least two other rainfalls that occurred in our absence. These rains wreak havoc on the roads, created a creek in our Hemlock Rd. driveway, and filled a pond in my daughter’s Walnut Rd. yard.

     I walked about LMB on my return and learned that the blue house at the bottom of the hill on Maple Rd. has a new tenant, Lisa. I also see that many cottages which are used for summer have occupants this last week in July.

Artists at Work

   Three children on Maple Rd. are selling their original artwork in their driveway and at the pool, raising money to make a video. Twenty-two pages of script for Turpentine have already been written. Johann (about age 7) informed me that it is about a crystal that was stolen, and the owners, who lost their power when it was taken, are looking for it. The details were not revealed—they don’t want to give the entire story away!

     A conveyor belt diversion system installed on White Oak Rd. has created quite a controversy in the community. I was told people are afraid to drive over it, and are backing up and changing their route. Actually, driving a car over it is harmless—it simply bends under the weight of the car. However, I can see that a person riding a bicycle might have a problem, and I would suggest walking the bike over the belt. Click on to read more.

    A new porch on the house on the corner of White Oak and Walnut roads is looking pretty good. And kudos to the individual(s) who planted, and I assume are keeping up, the flowers in the planter on the pillars at the Rt. 30 entrance to the borough.

     Kudos also to Amy and Dan, both volunteer life guards at the pool. They are keeping the pool open for evening swims when their work schedules allow. They are also doing a lot of routine upkeep on the pool.

     I heard that the house at 10 Walnut Rd. had a serious buyer, but the dining room just didn’t cut it. It was about two feet too narrow for the potential buyer.

MID-JULY: Monte and I were away from LMB for thirteen days, traveling to his home region. He was there to celebrate a family reunion and a 55th Gouverneur High School (New York) reunion, with a week in between. I’m gradually placing posts of my/our adventures on my writing site, . The posts include osprey sightings and happenings in three places: Ogdensburg, Heuvelton, and Black Lake—where we stayed on the weekdays in between the reunions.


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