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April 21, 2010


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Borough of Laurel Mountain Minutes

Regular Monthly Meeting Held February 17, 2010

Present: Griffith, Adair, Holland, O’Brien, Mayor Light, Solicitor Miller

Absent: Snyder

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm with a quorum present. The minutes of the January 4, 2010 meeting were approved with corrections. The following reports were submitted to council. Treasurer’s Report:
Balance on hand January 1, 2010 3,724.78
January Receipts
31 Earned Income Tax 850.46
31 Per Capita Tax 86.5
936.96 936.96
January Disbursements
4 Leventry Haschak and Rodkey 275.00
4 Ligonier Borough – December 200.00
4 Allegheny Power 28.11
4 Berkey Excavating – snow plowing 280.00
4 Taryn Ankney 267.57
4 PAMS 18.76
4 Latrobe Bulletin 21.85
4 PA UC Fund 45.54
4 IRS 137.70
4 PA Dept of Revenue 27.63
1,302.16 -1,302.16
Balance on hand January 31, 2010 3,359.58
PLGIT Fund Balances (January 2010)
General Fund 38,874.74
Interest 3.42
balance 38,878.16
Sewage Fund 6,090.55
Interest 0.54
Balance 6,091.09
Waterline Fund 19,872.27
Interest 1.48
Balance 19,873.75
Legal Reserve Fund 4,259.94
Interest 0.37
Balance 4,260.31
Liquid Fuels Fund 13,209.91
Interest 1.16
Balance 13,211.07
Total on deposit PLGIT 82,314.38
The following were submitted for payment approval:  
Berkey Excavating 630.00  
Berkey Excavating 210.00  
Ligonier Borough – Police 250.00  
Allegheny Power 28.76  
PAMS – Commission 22.05  
Leventry, Haschak and Rodkey 275.00  
LMP Inc 750.00 Advance of 1st quarter rental  
Taryn Ankney – net 267.57  
WCBA Program Advertisement 45.00  
Total 2,478.38  


Mayor’s Report:

Mayor Light reported that the December 2009 police report shows there were 366 patrols, 29 incidents investigated, 26 emergency responses and three traffic stops for the year. Patrol time in 2009 totaled 55:32, total time on all items was 72:30.

Mayor Light noted that he did not declare the borough a disaster area during the recent heavy snows but municipalities in the county did declare a state of emergency.

Mayor Light suggested that council look into reflective markers for fire hydrants; with high snow volume it is difficult to locate hydrants.

Mayor Light also noted that council may want to investigate the possibility of signage to make all roads in the borough one way if necessary in the future, with the exception of dead end roads. High snow volume and limited space make it difficult for two cars to pass on borough roads under these conditions.

Municipal Services Committee:

During the storm, three complaints were received, two have been resolved. The third complaint was that reservoir road was not plowed. It was noted that in the past Ligonier Borough cleared this road so that workers would have access to the reservoir. The current owners, Westmoreland County Municipal Authority have been sporadic in clearing. It was noted that Reservoir Road is not a dedicated road but a right-of-way on private property. The borough cannot use tax dollars to clear private property. This resident will be provided with Dave Berkey’s telephone number so that he might arrange plowing of his Reservoir Road right of way in the future. This plowing would be at the property owners expense.

Spring Road Maintenance specs will be available at the March meeting. Bids will then be solicited, with a contractor selected at the April meeting.

Finance Committee: No New

Solicitor’s Report: No New


PA One Call has been in touch with Mr. Griffith regarding the one call service. Council secretary has been asked to contact them to see if this is something the borough is able to participate in.


Mayor’s Report:

Municipal Services Committee:

1. Spring Road Maintenance

2. Tree Removal

Finance Committee:

1. Investment of Borough Funds

Solicitor’s Report:

1. Information of investing of funds


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.


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