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March 18, 2010

OUT & ABOUT: March, 2010

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MARCH 24, 2010: Gasline repairmen disturbed a waterpipe on Maple Rd. today, causing a continuous flow of water that was difficult to control. Mayor Phil Light, and councilmen Dan O’Brien and Monte Holland dealt with the situation. At least one residence was without water. Fortunately, that resident had an alternative place to stay in the greater Ligonier community.

MARCH 19, 2010: It’s been a series of glorious days this week. Termperatures in the 60s. Today, I raked out one of my several small garden areas in preparation to put my first plantings in.

However, I am not naively ignorant. Winter is not over. We can expect more snow and cold weather. This next go-round won’t be as enjoyable as the first one, which I relished because it allowed me to hibernate. Of course, I didn’t have to leave the house to drive to work or school. It makes a difference.

MARCH 17, 2010: It was a glorious day today, temperatures around 60 degrees. Only remnants of snow remain, as I discovered on a brief walk that took me from Hemlock Rd. to a short distance on Beechwood Rd., then, cutting through a yard, to Walnut Rd. On this short walk, I had a mission. A friend had asked me to meet her while she investigated a house for sale. She is truly interested in living in the borough, and the real estate agent was to meet her in mid-afternoon. Surprisingly, the house suited her needs almost perfectly. Of course, an agreement is contingent on her selling the house she already owns in a different community.

The neighbor to this house (who knows my friend) is encouraging her to purchase the house. Hopefully, all will mesh well and we will have a new neighbor.  

People were out. I had short visits with five boro residents on this excursion.

Flowers were coming out too. There are plenty of the white-blossomed snowdrops, and I saw a patch of yellow crocus.

The day was capped by my attendance at the Borough Council meeting. It was the second shortest meeting I recall attending—lasting just about an hour.

We can hope that today’s weather continues, but I fear that it is a breath of fresh air before winter returns, like autumn’s Indian summer, in an attempt to maintain its stronghold that will only be broken by the warm winds of spring.

MARCH 14, 2010: I grabbed my camera this morning to document Washington Furnace Run and other “wet” spots in Laurel Mountain Borough. I discovered the tributary that separates off from the run when there is an excess of precipitation. The tributary was running fast, but the gully between the pool and the run was only partially flooded (I myself have only observed it truly flooded only once on a date Icannot recall). The extra water prevented me from crossing the gully to the run.

There was only a remnant of snow in the pool, which not long ago was overflowing with the white stuff.

The weather is nice but cool. No one was outside. It was a quiet Sunday morning.


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