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February 19, 2010


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 Borough of Laurel Mountain Minutes

Regular Monthly Meeting Held May 20, 2009

Present: Holland, Kinsey, O’Brien, Mayor Light, Solicitor Miller

Absent: Griffith, Snyder

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with a quorum present. The minutes of the April 15, 2009 meeting were approved with corrections on a motion by Mrs. Kinsey, seconded by M r. O’Brien. After additional discussion of road work it was found the minutes did not accurately reflect the actions taken by council. The motion was rescinded; the minutes will be corrected and submitted at the June Meeting. Council did approve the payment of all invoices presented. The following reports were submitted to council: 

(NOTE: The Treaurer’s Report is not  included online due to format problems in posting it. It is available through Borough Council members.)

Public Comment:

Mrs. Light asked if there is an update on the status of the unclaimed property claim submitted by the borough. To date there has been nothing received regarding this claim.

Mrs. Light also cautioned about the use of the vibraplate to compact borough roads noting that water and gas lines are not far below ground in the borough due to the rock in the area. Mrs. Kinsey noted that she has requested that Berkey not use this equipment in front of her house as her addition is on a concrete slab; she suggested that Mrs. Light may want to request that the area in front of her house be skipped as well.

Mrs. Light also reported that quite a bit of anti skid was thrown in her yard from winter application. Mrs. Kinsey noted that she spoke with Mr. Berkey about this situation. It was noted that the broadcasting machine he uses is not intended for use on roads as narrow as the borough’s.


Mayor’s Report: No old business

Municipal Services Committee:

Mr. Holland reported that he is pleased with the work being done by Berkey Excavating. This work is being done as the bids specs required with crowning in areas where water has accumulated in the past. Mr. Holland noted that in order to complete the roads properly additional stone is required. After discussion, a motion was made by Mr. O’Brien, seconded by Mrs. Kinsey to authorize the purchase of additional stone as required to complete the road work properly – carried. The road work should be completed this week. As soon as the road work has been completed, Mrs. Kinsey will contact JMG for calcium chloride application.

Mr. O’Brien reported that bids have been solicited for the Beechwood Road Project from Don Ankney, Ramsey Contracting, John Hardiman and Dave Herrholtz. These bids will be available at the June meeting. After that Mr. O’Brien will have the information necessary to complete the DCED grant portion of this project. Prior to the beginning of this project both waterlines and gas lines will need to be located. It is unclear as to whether or not MAWC locates waterlines – this matter will be checked into.

Finance Committee: No Report:

Solicitor’s Report: No Old Business


Council briefly discussed the Comcast franchise agreement. Solicitor Miller noted that the agreement is for 15 years and that council should carefully consider the percentage they would like to receive for this agreement. Mrs. Kinsey noted that she feels this is an unfair way to generate income as it is only applicable to Comcast customers and not all borough residents. This matter will be acted on at the June meeting.

There has been no additional information received from Verizon Wireless regarding their interest in placing a cellular tower in the borough.

Mr. Holland will check with his son-in-law regarding the repairs/repointing of the entrance pillars.


Mayor’s Report:

Mayor Light reported there was an incident involving bottle rockets, if there is a second incident a police report will be filed.

During April the police made two emergency responses and issued a no trespass citation and harassment by a resident. During April the police logged 4:52 year to date 22:48.

Allegheny Power removed a tree from Beechwood that broke at the trunk and was endangering power lines.

Municipal Services Committee: No New business

Finance Committee: No Report

Solicitor’s Report: No New Business


Mayor’s Report: None

Municipal Services Committee:

1. Road Work/Calcium Chloride

2. Beechwood Road Project

3. Pillar Repairs

Finance Committee:

1. Audit Approval

Solicitor’s Report:


1. Unclaimed Property

2. Restated April Minutes for approval

3. Verizon Wireless cellular tower

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


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