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January 4, 2010


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Borough of Laurel Mountain Minutes

Regular Monthly Meeting Held September 17, 2008

Present:           Griffith, Kinsey, O’Brien, Mayor Light, Solicitor Miller

Absent:            Holland, Snyder

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm with a quorum present.  The minutes of the August 20, 2008 meeting were approved as presented.  The following reports were submitted to council:

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance on hand July 31, 2008           26,671.44
August Receipts              
18 Craig Miller – Real Estate Tax     84.41    
18 West. Cty – Delinquent Taxes     412.99    
18 Comcast         563.47    
28 PAMS -EIT August       1,726.77    
            2,787.64   2,787.64
August Disbursements            
20 Joe Golden – Entrance Mowing     100.00    
20 Jeffrey Miller – Retainer     275.00    
20 Allegheny Power       24.87    
20 Taryn Ankney – Net       267.57    
20 Craig Miller – Commission     9.05    
20 Ligonier Borough – Police     200.00    
20 PAMS – Commission       41.89    
20 Rae Ann Tronetti-Report Prep Fee   1,500.00    
20 Rae Ann Tronetti-Audits     3,900.00    
            6,318.38   -6,318.38
PLGIT Fund Balances (2.20%)            
General Fund         38,023.02    
Sewage Fund         6,015.49    
Waterline Fund         14,643.30    
Legal Reserve Fund         4,207.43    
Liquid Fuels Fund         6,720.87    
The following items were approved for payment:        
LMP, Inc. -rental       750.00      
Jeffrey Miller – Retainer     275.00      
Allegheny Power       24.87      
Taryn Ankney – Net       267.57      
Craig Miller – Commission     4.22      
PA State Assn. of Borough’s – Dues   40.00      
Ligonier Borough – Police     200.00      

Public Comment:

Mrs. Light reported that home deliver of the Latrobe Bulletin will be provided if three people in the borough are interested in receiving home delivery.


Mayor’s Report:  No old business.

Municipal Services Committee:

Specifications for ditch cleaning have been given to Rick Roberts for a bid, two others will be solicited.  This work has a start date of no earlier than Monday, November 17 and a completion date of no later than December 1.  Rick Roberts has also offered to give the borough a price for vacuuming up leaves in the borough, this would be done prior to the ditch cleaning project, a bid has been requested for this work.

Heavy rains have caused some potholes on roads, especially Locust.

Finance Committee:

Rae Ann Tronetti will attend the October meeting to present the audit reports.

Solicitor’s Report:

Appropriate papers have been filed to enable the borough to opt out of the uniform construction code enforcement agreement with Middle Department.  This will go into effect in 180 days. At that point residents will have the option of using any Dept of Labor approved inspection service or state inspectors for their projects. 

The outdoor furnace ordinance will be advertised and acted on at the October meeting.

Solicitor Miller reported that the judge has ruled in favor of the Borough in the Kunkle case.  Solicitor Miller will contact Ms. Kunkles’ attorney and instruct that the fence should be removed or a lien will be placed on the property.  It was noted that the property is for sale and any potential purchaser would need to be notified of this possibility.


Mayor’s Report:

Mayor Light reported that entrance pillars are in need of repair, poison ivy has overtaken them and they now need to be repointed.   Mrs. Kinsey will try to find a stone mason to give a bid for this repair.

The Flag Committee has purchased two large holiday wreaths for use at the entrance.

Mayor Light reported that during the month of August the police investigated four incidents and made two service calls.  Patrol time for the month as 5:53 with one hour spent on a complaint.  In addition to the above, the Snyder family filed a complaint in connection with the dog attack reported at the August meeting.

Municipal Services Committee:

Mrs. Kinsey presented information on removable speed bumps for possible use on borough roads.  These speed bumps are removable during the winter months to facilitate snow removal.  Solicitor Miller instructed that a traffic engineering study would be required prior to the installation.  Benchmark Engineering will be contacted for a cost estimate for this study, it was further noted that three bids are not required because this would be a professional service.

Finance Committee: None

Solicitor’s Report:

As of January 1, 2009 the borough will be required to have appointed a Municipal Records Officer.  It was noted that in smaller communities the borough secretary frequently trained to serve in this capacity.


Mayor’s Report:

Municipal Services Committee:

  1.  Ditch cleaning bids
  2. Price for Traffic Engineering study – speed bumps
  3. Leaf Vacuuming price

Finance Committee:

  1.  Audits

Solicitor’s Report:

  1. Removal of Fence at Kunkle property
  2. Outdoor Furnace Ordinance


  1. Municipal Records Officer

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.


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