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January 4, 2010


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Borough of Laurel Mountain Minutes

Regular Monthly Meeting Held October 15, 2008

Present:           Griffith, Kinsey, Snyder, O’Brien, Holland, Solicitor Miller, Mayor Light

Absent:            N/A

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm with a quorum present.  The minutes of the September 18, 2008 meeting were approved as submitted.  The following reports were submitted to council.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance on hand  September 1, 2008     23,140.70
September Receipts        
15 Foreign Fire Insurance Allocation   1,217.15  
15 West. Cty Delinquent Taxes   361.58  
26 Interest       31.05  
26 PAMS Earned Income Tax   479.44  
26 PAMS Per Capita Tax     134.00  
        2,223.22 2,223.22
September Disbursements        
17  LMP, Inc. – Rental     750.00  
17 Jeffrey Miller- Retainer     275.00  
17 Allegheny Power     24.87  
17  Taryn Ankney – Net     267.57  
17 Craig Miller – Commission   4.22  
17 PSAB – Dues       40.00  
17 Ligonier Borough – Police   200.00  
        1,561.66 -1,561.66
Balance on hand  Sept. 30, 2008     23,802.26
PLGIT Fund Balances ( 2.23%)    
General Fund     38,093.93    
Sewage Fund     6,026.71    
Waterline Fund     14,670.61    
Legal Reserve Fund   4,215.28    
Liquid Fuels Fund   6,733.40    
The following items were submitted for payment approval:  
Latrobe Bulletin – Legal Ad. 44.00    
Leventry, Haschak & Rodkey 275.00    
Taryn Ankney – net   267.57    
PAMS – Commission   15.34    
PA Dept of Rev.   27.63    
IRS – Payroll Taxes   137.70    
PA Dept of Rev.   16.00    
Ligonier Borough – Police   200.00    
Allegheny Power   25.68    
Lig Borough Vol. Fire Relief Assn. 608.57    
Ligonier Twp Vol. Fire Relief Assn. 608.58    

Public Comment:

Mayor Light reported the flag pole rope has broken and needs to be repaired.  He also noted that Tim Murphy has a new flag for the borough, which will be presented as soon as the pole is restrung. 


Mayor’s Report:  No old business.

Municipal Services Committee:

Mrs. Kinsey noted that bids were solicited from three companies for leaf removal, based on specifications put together by Mr. Holland.    The only bid returned was from Valley Landscaping at a cost of $700.  A motion was made by Mr. Griffith to authorize having this work performed the week of November 17; this motion was seconded by Mrs. Kinsey – carried.

Council will consider a traffic study in the spring to determine if removable speed bumps can be used in the borough.

Finance Committee:


Solicitor Miller reported that he received a call from Susan Williams, attorney for Kimberly Kunlke, requesting additional time before removal of the Kunkle fence is undertaken.  After discussion, council determined that they will remove the fence if it is not removed by the property owner within two weeks. 


Council reviewed the proposed ordinance regulating the use of Outdoor Furnaces.  It was noted that this ordinance is being voted on because it is believed that outdoor furnaces create a safety and health hazard to the residents of Laurel Mountain Borough.  After additional discussion, a motion was made by Mrs. Kinsey, seconded by Mr. Griffith to adopt the Ordinance Regulating Outdoor Furnaces – this motion carried with Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Griffith abstaining.  The Ordinance has been given to Mayor Light for his review prior to signing.

Mrs. Light asked if there has been any update on the unclaimed property status, Solicitor Miller noted that he has seen other instances that have taken two years to have the property released.

Entrance pillars are still in need of repair; Mrs. Kinsey noted that her husband will take a look to see how much work these repairs will be,


Mayor’s Report: 

Mayor Light reported that during the month of September, the police made one emergency response and responded to one domestic issue, they logged 5:42 for the month.

Municipal Services Committee:  No new business.

Finance Committee:

Council was presented with a year to date budget, Ms. Snyder noted that several income items are running lower than in 2007.  As of the end of November it is estimated the budget will be off by approximately $2,200.  This is likely due to lower incomes and retirements of borough residents.    A proposed 2009 budget will be submitted to council at the November meeting.  Mayor Light suggested that council appoint a representative to review earned income tax records held at the PAMS office to make certain the borough is receiving earned income tax from all working residents. 

A motion was made by Mrs. Kinsey to authorize Mary Jane Snyder to review information held at PAMS office regarding earned income tax payments—carried.

Solicitor:  No new business


Mayor’s Report:

Municipal Services Committee:

  1.  Leaf Removal
  2. Flag pole rope repair

Finance Committee:

  1.  Audits
  2. 2009 Proposed Budget
  3. Review of Earned Income Tax


  1. Kunkle fence removal


  1. 1.       Pillar repairs

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.


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