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January 4, 2010


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Borough of Laurel Mountain Minutes

Regular Monthly Meeting Held November 19, 2008

Present:           Griffith, Holland, O’Brien, Kinsey, Snyder, Mayor Light, Solicitor Miller

Absent:            None

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm with a quorum present, due to poor weather conditions and lack of heat at the Shelter House the meeting was adjourned and reconvened at the Laughlintown Community Center at 8:00 p.m.  The minutes of the October 15, 2008 meeting were approved as submitted.  The Following reports were submitted to council:

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance on hand  October 1, 2008       23,140.70
October Receipts          
7 RE Transfer Tax     1,004.01  
27 PAMS – EIT       1,514.20  
27 PAMS – Per capita     83.30  
          2,601.51 2,601.51
October Disbursements          
15 Latrobe Bulletin – Legal Ad.   44  
15 Leventry, Haschak & Rodkey   275  
15 Taryn Ankney – net     267.57  
15 PAMS – Commission     15.34  
15 PA Dept of Rev.     27.63  
15 IRS – Payroll Taxes     137.7  
15 PA Dept of Rev.     16  
15 Lig. Borough – Police     200  
15 Allegheny Power     25.68  
15 Lig Borough Vol. Fire Relief Assn.   608.57  
15 Ligonier Twp Vol. Fire Relief Assn.   608.58  
          2,226.07 -2,226.07
Balance on hand October 31, 2008        
PLGIT Fund Balances ( 2.51%)      
General Fund     38,174.97      
Sewage Fund     6,039.53      
Waterline Fund     14,701.82      
Legal Reserve Fund   4,224.25      
Liquid Fuels Fund   6,747.72      
The following items were approved for payment:    
Ross Surveying 20.00      
Leventry, Haschak & Rodkey 276.18      
Taryn Ankney – net   267.57      
PAMS – Commission   39.94      
Joe Golden – Entrance Mowing 60.00      
Postmaster – PO Box Fee   70.00      
First Commonwealth – Safe Dep Box 16.00      
Ligonier Borough – Police   200.00      
Allegheny Power   25.68      

Public Comment:

William Fleming, Emergency Management Coordinator for the borough reported that the borough has been required to update their Emergency Operating Plan.  Mr. Fleming has done the updating of t his document and will submit it to Dan Stevens and the Westmoreland Emergency Management Department.


Mary Jane Snyder introduced Rae Ann Tronetti, CPA, and Auditor for Laurel Mountain Borough.  Ms. Tronetti discussed with council the results of the 2005 and 2006 Audits as well as a new report required to issue in conjunction with Audits beginning in 2007.  This report addresses risk assessments and internal controls.  One of the findings of this report is the borough needs to purchase bookkeeping software, Ms. Tronetti recommend Quick Books as council secretary is familiar with this software it was additionally noted that the secretary has been given too many duties.  It was also noted that there were no inconsistencies in these audits.  There being no questions from council the 2005 and 2006 audits were approved.  The 2007 audit will be available for the December meeting.


Mayor’s Report:  No old business

Municipal Services Committee:

Mr. Holland reported that his son-in-law will make repairs to the entrance pillars, the borough will pay the materials costs, Michael Morosky will do these repairs free of charge.

Mr. O’Brien reported that the rope has been replaced on the flag pole.

Rick Roberts will be doing the leaf clearing as soon as the weather permits.

Finance Committee:  No old business

Solicitor’s Report:

Solicitor Miller reported that he has been contact Kim Kunkle’s new attorney Pat Costello requesting that the borough waive the $750 fine in connection with the Kunkle case.  The consensus of council is to not waive the fee due to expenses involved with the case including the cost of surveying the property.  Mr. Costello will be informed of this.


Mayor’s Report:

During the month of October the police performed one 15 minute traffic check at the rear entrance.  The Police additional responded to four calls.

Mayor Light reported that a Drought Emergency has been declared.  Residents are being asked to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 5%.

Municipal Services Committee:

Mrs. Kinsey reported that she solicited three bids for plowing during the 2008-2009 winter season.  Two of the three contractors responded.  Doug Gross Landscaping provided a bid of $135 per plow plus additional service at $30/man.  Dave Berkey provided a bid of $70 per plow & $70 for anti skid.  After additional discussion, a motion was made by Mr. O’Brien, seconded by Mr. Holland to award the road plowing contract to Dave Berkey.

 Finance Committee:

Ms. Snyder submitted to council the proposed 2009 budget of $36,386 noting that this budget does not include a tax increase for 2009.  Council discussed this budget noting it will be necessary to continue the Waterline Maintenance line item in 2009.  Snow plowing has been broken out of the Roads line item for clarity.  After addition discussion and modest changes, including a decrease in Building Rental to $3,000, a motion was made by Mr. Griffith, seconded by Mr. Holland to approve the proposed 2009 budget with changes noted for advertisement and adoption at the December meeting – carried.

Solicitor’s Report:  No new business.


Mary Jane Snyder has agreed to serve as borough records officer as of January 1, 2009.

Due to reduced profitability, as of December 1, community recycling will be discontinued.  A one to two week trial will be conducted through JMS recycling, if this proves to be cost effective a cooperative agreement among communities may be established with JMS, if it is not cost effective recycling will cease as of December 15.


Mayor’s Report:

Municipal Services Committee:

  1.  Ditch Cleaning/leaf removal
  2. Recycling program status

Finance Committee:

  1.  Adoption of 2009 Budget

Solicitor’s Report:

  1.  Kunkle Fine payment 

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:55 p.m.


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