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January 4, 2010


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Borough of Laurel Mountain Minutes

Regular Monthly Meeting–Held May 21, 2008

Present:  Griffith, Holland, Kinsey, O’Brien, Solicitor Miller, Mayor Goughnour

Absent:  Snyder

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with a quorum present.  The minutes of the April 16, 2008 meeting were approved as corrected.  The following reports were submitted to council:

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance on hand  April 1, 2008         31,330.81
April Receipts            
25 Miller – Real Estate Tax 5246.74      
25 PAMS – EIT     26.59      
        5273.33     5,273.33
April Disbursements            
16 Jeffrey Miller – Retainer 275.00      
16 Craig Miller – Commission 100.38      
16 PAMS – Commission   85.48      
16 Taryn Ankney – net   267.57      
16 PA Dept of Rev.   27.63      
16 IRS – Payroll Taxes   137.70      
16 PA Dept of Rev.   16.00      
16 Ligonier Borough – Police 200.00      
16 Allegheny Power   25.68      
16 Berkey Excavating   592.50      
        1,727.94     (1,727.94)
Balance on hand April 30, 2008         34,876.20
PLGIT Fund Balances ( 2.51%)        
General Fund     37,629.15        
Sewage Fund   5,971.27        
Waterline Fund   14,535.63        
Legal Reserve Fund   4,178.49        
Liquid Fuels Fund   13,487.18        
The following were approved for payment    
Jeffrey Miller – Retainer   275.00        
Craig Miller – Commission 262.34        
PAMS – Commission   0.66        
Taryn Ankney – net   267.57        
Taryn Ankney – Exp. Reimb. 57.31 Certified mail Expense – zoning letter
Postmaster – 1 roll stamps 42.00        
Ligonier Borough – Police 200.00        
Allegheny Power   25.68        
Berkey Excavating   97.50        
  Total   1,228.06        



Bill Fleming, emergency management coordinator was present and reported that he never received the sent by the county, which were forwarded to him by council secretary.  Dan Stevens will be contacted for a duplicate copy of these forms.

Resident Carolyn Holland reported that an upcoming edition of the Latrobe Bulletin will contain an article on Laurel Mountain Borough.

Gladys Light reported that Laurel Mountain Borough is listed as an entity having unclaimed property with the state.  This matter will be looked into.


Mayor’s Report:

During the month of April, the police made 31 patrols, investigated two incidents and made two traffic stops but issued no citations.  Time logged for April 5:42 total time year to date 22:59.  Mayor Goughnour reported that he spoke with Chief Berger and the officers are using VASCAR to monitor speed on the state road.

Municipal Services Committee:

Mrs. Kinsey reported that Dave Berkey has not performed spring road maintenance to date due to rainy weather conditions.  This work will be done as soon as the roads have had a chance to dry.  Dust suppressant will be applied within two to three days after road work is complete.

Mr. Holland reported that PennDOT cleared culvert at the entrance.

Finance Committee:


Solicitor Miller reported that Ms. Kunkle has appealed the Commonwealth Court ruling in her case.  Her next appeal would be to the Supreme Court. 


Mr. Griffith reported that Gibson Thomas engineering has give a price of $5,000 to perform the necessary engineering study for the borough water system.  Mr. Griffith proposed waiting as he has contact three other firms for bids on this work.

Sue Crouse of LMP, Inc. reported that the Westmorland County Municipal Authority cut off water to the shelter house.  The line was dug up and capped.  This work was done without notification to borough residents affected by the shut off.  Mr. Griffith noted that although the borough owns the water lines and is required to maintain the lines, the Authority has taken the position that they can come in when in suits them and do anything they want.   In other words they treat the lines like they are  theirs until there is a problem.   After additional discussion, council instructed Solicitor Miller to contact the authority and request that residents be notified in advance anytime t here will be an interruption in water service. 



Mayor Goughour informed council that he will be moving from the borough within the next 60 days, and asked that they seek a replacement to fill his position.

Municipal Services Committee:  No new

Finance Committee:   No new

Solicitor’s Report:  No new


The borough has received a letter from Westmoreland County regarding Community Development Block grants, this letter gives the borough of opting in or out.   Solicitor Miller will contact the  county for additional information on this letter before a decision is made.



Municipal Services Committee:

  1.  Road Maintenance
  2. Dust suppressant

Finance Committee:


  1. Kunkle suit
  2. Waterline Agreement


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m..


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