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January 4, 2010


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Borough of Laurel Mountain Minutes

Regular Monthly meeting Held June 18, 2008

Present:               Griffith, Snyder, O’Brien, Holland, Kinsey, Mayor Goughnour, Solicitor                                                   Miller

Absent:                N/A

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 with a quorum present.  The minutes of the May 21, 2008 meeting were approved with corrections.  The following reports were submitted to council:

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance on hand  May 1, 2008       34,876.20
May Receipts            
25 Miller – Real Estate Tax 654.54      
28 PAMS – Per Capita – May 88.00      
28 PAMS – Local Service Tax 5.00      
28 PAMS – Earned Income Tax 1,357.45      
        2,104.99     2,104.99
May Disbursements          
21 Jeffrey Miller – Retainer 275.00      
21 Craig Miller – Commission 262.34      
21 PAMS – Commission 0.66      
21 Taryn Ankney – net 267.57      
21 Taryn Ankney – Exp. Reimb. 57.31      
21 Postmaster – 1 roll stamps 42.00      
21 Ligonier Borough – Police 200.00      
21 Allegheny Power 25.68      
21 Berkey Excavating — 97.50      
        1,228.06     -1,228.06
Balance on hand May 31, 2008       32,753.13
PLGIT Fund Balances ( 2.22%)        
General Fund   37,814.57 (Incl. state police fines 114.53)
Sewage Fund   5,982.52        
Waterline Fund   14,563.01        
Legal Reserve Fund 4,184.36        
Liquid Fuels Fund   13,512.59        
The following items were approved for payment:    
Jeffrey Miller – Retainer 275.00        
Craig Miller – Commission 32.73        
PAMS – Commission 34.07        
Taryn Ankney – net 267.57        
Joe Golden – Mowing Entrance 40.00        
Ligonier Borough – Police 200.00        
Allegheny Power   25.86        
LMP, Inc. – Rental   750.00        


Public Participation:  None


Mayor:  No old business.

Municipal Services Committee

Mrs. Kinsey reported that the roadwork has not been completed due to rainy weather conditions.  Dave Berkey has not been doing the work in the borough himself, but has an alternate crew.  The machine operator he has been using is employed by Somerset borough and is only able to work on the roads evening and weekends.  After additional discussion, it was determined that Mrs. Kinsey, Mr. Holland and Mr. O’Brien will contact Dave Berkey and make it clear that the work is to be done according to specifications and as quickly as the weather will permit.  At this point, there is not enough work completed to tell if the roads are being done to specifications.  Solicitor Miller noted that it would be possible to void the contract at this time because the work end deadline has passed.  It was noted that there is little chance of finding someone to do this work at this time.  It will be necessary to solicit roadwork bids earlier in 2009. 

Council also discussed a permanent solution to the road situation.  Mr. Griffith noted that he would like to see some paving done in the borough after drainage problems have been addressed.  Maple would be a good place to start the paving process.   This would eliminate the need for costly annual maintenance.  He also noted that since paving, the front entrance has been maintenance free.   Mrs. Kinsey noted that she does not wish to see paved roads in the borough.

Finance Committee:

The audit report should be received by the end of the week.


A ruling should be received on the Kunkle appeal within the next 6-12 months.  The boroughs position on this appeal is there are no grounds for opening the appeal and the borough will likely win the case.


Mr. Griffith reported that he has received a bid of $5,000 for the water pressurization study.  Council will discussion this matter further at a later date.



Mayor Goughnour reported that during the month of May, the police made 31 routine patrols and investigated three incidents, which included one emergency assist, one suspicious activity report and a traffic assist.  Time for the month was 5:53, year to date 28:52.

Municipal Services Committee:

There has been a waterline break at the Sue Crouse property.  This break occurred immediately after the Berkey crew used a tamper to compact stone.  Berkey will make this repair on Thursday.

Mrs. Kinsey reported that all residents contact regarding unregistered car zoning violation has complied.

Finance Committee:

Ms. Snyder reported that budget figures seem to be on track for this time of year.

Solicitor:  No new business.


Council regretfully accepted the resignation of John Goughnour as Mayor, effective June 30, 2008.  Council thanked Mayor Goughnour for his many years of service to the Borough, including eight years as mayor and 18 years as a member of council.  The Goughnour family will be moving from the borough.

It is anticipated that the pool will open this coming weekend.


Mayor: No continuing business.

Municipal Services Committee:

1.  Road Work

2.  Waterline Repair

3.  Engineering Study

Finance Committee:

1.  Audit


1.  Kunkle case


1.  Appoint Mayor


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