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January 4, 2010


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Borough o f Laurel Mountain Minutes

Regular Monthly Meeting Held August 20, 2008

Present:           Griffith, Snyder, Kinsey, O’Brien, Holland, Solicitor Miller, Mayor Light

Absent:                        N/A

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 with a quorum present. The minutes of the July –, 2008 were approved as corrected.   The following reports were submitted to council.

Public Comment:

Sharon Snyder reported that while walking her dog she and her dog were charged by a pit bull owned by Appleby’s at 7 Walnut.  Mrs. Snyder’s dog suffered lacerations and was taken to the vet, this bill was covered by the Appleby’s.  Appleby’s have stated that they will retain the dog for ten days and then get rid of the dog.  Mrs. Snyder basically wanted to caution residents of this dangerous situation, she is fearful that if it had been a child in the area the child would have been attacked by the dog.  No charges have been filed against the owner of the dog by Mrs. Snyder.  She was told to contact the police about how to handle this situation.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance on hand  July 1, 2008       33,968.89
July Receipts            
                18 Miller – R.E. Tax           181.07    
18 PAMS     744.31    
18 RE Transfer Tax   44.10    
        969.48   969.48
July Disbursements         34,938.37
                16 PA UC Fund   16.00    
16 PA Dept. of Revenue   27.63    
                16 Jeffrey Miller -retainer   275.00    
16 IRS. – Payroll taxes   137.70    
16 Taryn Ankney – net   267.57    
16 Lig. Borough Police   200.00    
16 Allegheny Power   24.81    
16 JMG Enterprises   4,275.00    
16 Higbee Ins. – Package Premium 2,004.00    
16 PAMS – commission   56.83    
16 Craig Miller – commission 22.39    
16 Waterline Saddle Repair at Crouse 960.00    
        8,266.93   -8,266.93
Balance on hand July 31, 2008       26,671.44
PLGIT Fund Balances (2.18%)      
General Fund     37,952.27      
Sewage     6,004.30      
Waterline Fund   14,616.05      
Legal Reserve Fund   4,199.60      
Liquid Fuels Fund   6,701.37      


The following items were approved for payment

Joe Golden – Entrance Mowing                                  100.00

J. Miller  – Retainer                                         275.00

Allegheny Power                                               24.78

Taryn Ankney – net                                         267.57

Berkey Excavating (reissue of Check)                          97.50

Craig Miller – Commission                                 9.05

PAMS – Commission                                         41.89

Lig. Borough Police                                         200.00

Rae Ann Tronetti – Report Fee                                  1,500.00

Rae Ann Tronetti – Audit Fee                               3,900.00

                                    Total Approved                     6,415.88


Mayor’s Report:  N/A

Municipal Services Committee:

Mr. Holland reported that he and the committee are happy with the road work done by Berkey Excavating, especially considering the conditions under which the work was done.  The dust suppressant is not as effective as past applications because a rain storm moved in just after the material was applied and a lot of the material was washed away,

Finance Committee:

Ms. Snyder reported that Rae Ann Tronetti, CPA plans to attend the September meeting to answer questions regarding the audit and also explain the new auditing standards

Solicitor’s Report:

Solicitor Miller reported that the Superior Court ruled in favor of the borough in the Kunkle case, Ms. Kunkle will have 30 days to appeal this decision.

If the borough chooses to opt out of having MDIA administer the Uniform Construction Code on behalf of the borough, the Dept. of Labor and Industry must be contacted 6 months prior to ending the agreement with Middle Department.  Additionally MDIA must be notified 120 days prior to termination of the agreement.  After termination, a list of qualified I inspectors will be provided for residents wanting to make changes to their residences and homeowners would then receive their occupancy certificate from Labor and Industry.  After additional discussion, Mrs. Kinsey made a motion to opt out of the agreement to have MDIA administer the Uniform Construction Code on behalf of the Borough.

Solicitor Miller presented to council a draft of an ordinance regulating the construction and use of outdoor furnaces.  Council discussed the proposed ordinance.  Solicitor Miller noted that #5 which requires an outdoor furnace be constructed 25 feet from the property line is a lesser distance than some other municipalities require, that is because  Laurel Mountain Borough is a much smaller municipality with smaller lot sizes.  Number 7 which requires that a 20 foot area around the structure be free of combustibles was taken direction from the National Fire Code.  Council discussed the section require a lot size of 40,000 square feet, it was noted that there are only one or two lots in the borough which will meet this requirement.  This might seem exclusionary and would likely be hard to defend if the borough were challenged on this section of the ordinance, although residents would have the option of applying for a variance if there lot size is below the established square footage.  After additional discussion a motion was made by Mrs. Kinsey, seconded by Mr. Griffith to make the discussed modifications to the proposed ordinance and advertise the ordinance for a vote at the  September meeting –carried.


Mayor’s Report:  N/A

Municipal Services Committee:

Mr. Holland reported that he will not be able to attend the September meeting but prior to that he will walk the roads and put together bid specifications for leaf removal.

Finance Committee:  No new business

Solicitor’s Report:  No new business


Mayor’s Report:

Municipal Services Committee:

  1.  Leaf removal bid specifications

Finance Committee:

  1. Audit review and approval

Solicitor’s Report:

  1.  Kunkle case update
  2. MDIA opt out
  3. Outdoor Furnace Ordinance

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


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