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January 3, 2010


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Borough of Laurel Mountain Minutes

Regular Monthly Meeting

February 20, 2008

Present:           Snyder, Holland, Griffith, Solicitor Miller, Mayor Goughnour

Absent:            Kinsey

The meeting was called to order with a quorum present.  The minutes of the January 7 reorganization and January 15, 2008 regular monthly meeting were approved as corrected.  The following reports were submitted to council:

Treasurer’s Report:




Public Participation:  None



Mayor’s Report:  No old

Municipal Services Committee:  None

Finance Committee: None


Solicitor Miller reported that he has looked into ordinance regulating the use of outdoor furnaces and noted that the borough does have the authority to regulate the use not prohibit entirely.  Regulation can be through stack height, months of use and materials used for fuel.  The borough can also require anyone wanting to install an outdoor furnace to install a fire suppression system.  After additional discussion, a motion was made by Mr. Holland, seconded by Mr. Griffith directing Solicitor Miller to draft an ordinance regulating the use of outdoor furnaces – carried.



Mayor’s Report:  No new business

Municipal Services Committee:

Mr. Holland noted that bids will be solicited for spring roadwork so that a contractor can be selected at the April meeting

Finance Committee:   No new business


Mr. Griffith reported that he received a call from a resident regarding seriously low water pressure.  It was noted that the homes on either side of this resident have no pressure problems.  The lines into this house had 20 pounds of pressure when tested recently.  The problem in this situation may be something in the house.  One solution for individual residents would be the installation of a small pressurization tank.  Mr. Griffith noted that water pressure continues to be a problem and that the fire hydrants require a certain amount of pressure and they are just acceptable. 

The Westmoreland Water Authority will require the borough to install a pressure system before they would consider takeover of the lines.  At a previous meeting, it was noted that a possibly more cost effective means of increasing pressure would be the installation of a water tank in the area of the reservoir.  It was suggested that council investigate costs associated having an engineering firm evaluate the water pressure situation and determine the best, most cost effective means of increasing pressure in the lines. 

It was noted the borough might want to consult with an engineer and investigate costs.

Mr. Goughnour of the Borough Vacancy Board moved that Dan O’Brien has been chosen to fill vacancy on council let by the resignation of John Miller, this was seconded by Mr. Griffith – carried unanimously.


Mayor’s Report:  None

Municipal Services Committee:

  1.  Spring Road Maintenance
  2. Drainage Project Grant Application
  3. Water Pressure Situation

Solicitor’s Report:

  1.  Outdoor Furnace Draft Ordinance
  2. Inclusion of Road for Liquid Fuels
  3. Draft Sewage Agreement
  4. Waterline Maintenance Agreement

Finance Committee: None

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


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