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April 23, 2009

Spring season brings safety concerns to Laurel Mountain Borough

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     Phil Light, mayor of Laurel Mountain Borough, would like to remind the citizens of and visitors to the community, that along with the coming of the spring and summer seasons also comes the responsibility of remembering a few rules of common courtesy that will greatly enhance our ability to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere in our beautiful and tranquil community.

     As the amount of foot and bicycle traffic increases on our tree-lined and narrow roads, we would ask that those of you who drive a vehicle through our community to make an extra effort by observing our stop signs while looking both ways before proceeding on your way and by being especially vigilant in regards to our children playing near or on any of the roads in our borough.

     We would ask that citizens and visitors, who own pets, to clean up after them if you use our roads to exercise your animals. We also ask that you keep your animals under your control at all times, for the health and safety of everyone in the borough, including your pets.

     Also, we would like to remind everyone that open burning of garbage is illegal in the borough, and that open burning is limited to yard waste and wood-related products. Please observe all applicable safety procedures if you must burn, including continuous surveillance of the fire until it is completely extinguished, and please respect any notices of a burning ban that may be posted by the Mayor or the DCNR during times of extreme dryness.

     Thank you for contributing to continued good health and safety in Laurel Mountain Borough.


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