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January 5, 2009


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Borough of Laurel Mountain Minutes

Regular Monthly Meeting Held January 16, 2008


Present:  Griffith, Snyder, Holland, Kinsey, Mayor Goughnour, Solicitor Miller

Absent:            N/A


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. with a quorum present.  The minutes of December 19, 2007 regular meeting and the January 7, 2008 reorganization meeting were approved with corrections.  The following reports were submitted to council:


Treasurer’s Report: Won’t post in report format. 

Public Comment:

Mrs. Light reported that the cat population is again increasing and questioned why the borough is not enforcing the Licensing Ordinance which was adopted in 2006.  Mr. Griffith noted that licensing has not taken place because the borough has not been able to find an Animal Control Office willing to take on this job.  Hoffman’s Kennel in Delmont never provided the borough with the requested information on this service.  


Mayor’s Report: 
 No old business.

Municipal Services Committee:

Mrs. Kinsey reported that she with the assistance of Rob Cronour have submitted the grant application to the Westmoreland County Conservation District for a new drainage project, this application will be reviewed by a panel of three.  The project selected is for Locust the estimate cost, supplied by Mr. Cronour is $15,000, Mrs. Kinsey noted the borough does not have any funding for this project, if the full $15,000 is not received in the form of a grant the project cannot take place in 2008.


Mr. Cronour still wants the borough to do something to preserve the Beechwood project, reflector poles were suggested at the last meeting but Mr. Crounour would like to have large rocks placed in front of the ditch.  The borough was hesitant due to liability issues this might present.  Mr. Miller noted that if the rocks are large enough for drivers to see and off of the cart way, there should be no problem with liability.  Mrs. Kinsey will talk with Dave Berkey about the costs involved in moving some large rock to this area.  As long as the borough is certain the rocks are placed on the borough right of way there is no reason to seek permission from property owners in that area. 


Mr. Holland will purchase a trash can for anti skid material. 


Council approved the purchase of 6 tons of stone for use in filling potholes and making minor road repairs at a cost not to exceed $150.00 on a motion by Mr. Griffith, seconded by Mrs. Kinsey –carried.


Finance Committee:  No old business.

Solicitor’s Report:

Solicitor Miller reported that Ms. Kunkle has filed an appealed Judge Caruso’s ruling.  No action by the borough is necessary at this time.


Mr. Goughnour, acting as the vacancy board will appoint a replacement to council to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of John Miller.  This will take place at the February meeting. 


Two residents have agreed to serve on the Zoning Hearing Board; a motion was made by Mrs. Kinsey, seconded by Mr. Griffith to appoint Robert Appleby and John Miller to the Zoning Hearing Board –carried.



Mayor’s Report:

Mayor Goughnour reported that during the month of December the police made 31 patrols and investigated two incidents.  Time spent on regular patrols in December was 5:43 time spent on emergency responses was 10 minutes for a total of 5:53.  The annual total was 74:14.  The police issued one stop sign violation during December.

Municipal Services Committee:  No new business


Finance Committee:  No new business

Solicitor’s Report:  No new business


Mrs. Kinsey noted that the borough may want to consider the adoption of an ordinance prohibiting the use of outdoor wood burning furnaces in the borough.  She noted that this type of heating system creates massive amounts of smoke and unlike a fireplace which has a chimney which is higher that the housetop these have a relatively short stack which discharges smoke at a much lower level.  Solicitor Miller will research this matter and provide council with information in February.


Mayor’s Report:

Municipal Services Committee:

1.      Rocks placed in area of Beechwood drainage project

2.      Spring Road Maintenance

3.      Grant – Westmoreland County Conservation District

Finance Committee:

Solicitor’s Report:

1.      Waterline Agreement

2.      Sewage Agreement


1.       Animal Ordinance

2.      Appointment to Miller Vacancy


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


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