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August 7, 2008


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August 30, 2008: Only two more days to swim! Take advantage of the pool…Will anyone challenge my record? I swam 35 double (70 single) widths of the pool in less than an hour. I hold the record…Just another note—check the 2009 Ligonier calendar. The cover photo was successfully submitted by yours truly.—click on these links to sneak a peek:    Ligonier Calendar front Ligonier Calendar Back

August 29, 2008: This day began with such inclement weather that I thought there would be no swimming. However, the day cleared up and residents enjoyed a beautiful time in the water. Unfortunately, I had other plans and couldn’t swim. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so that the pool can be used the last two days it will be open. If you haven’t been there show up these last days…The Labor Day Weekend has begun. Click on these two sites to read posts about labor: LABOR AND LABOR DAY and IN DEFENSE OF THE OLDER EMPLOYEE

August 27, 2008: School is in session. Drive carefully, and protect our children.

August 23, 2008: I heard through the grapevine that more than sixty persons attended the swim/picnic party sponsored by Laurel Mountain Park. Kudos to those who organized the successful event, and to mother nature for cooperating with beautiful weather. Unfortunately, my camera is in ill health and needs to be put to sleep. Thus, I have no photographs of the fun. Besides, I was having too much fun myself in the pool!

August 24, 2008: Residents walking dogs at the White Oak end of Walnut Road should be careful. A public comment at the borough meeting informed that a pit bull exited a home and attacked a dog being walked by a resident. The dog received injuries severe enough to need vetnarian care, and the dog’s owner needed stitches. The dog is quarantined until the 26th of August.  

August 14, 2008: With the cooler weather this week, fewer swimmers are using the pool. Thanks to Dan for caring for the water quality, and the others for doing the administrative work…there are at least four residences for sale in the boro, two on Maple Road, one on White Oak Road and one on Beechwood Road. A fifth has been sold this summer.

August 6, 2008: The biggest news being talked about in the boro today is the robbery of the bank on route 30 in Laughlintown shortly after 9 a.m., and the windows being shot out at the Dollar Store in Ligonier (read:…the gas company was called when three residents confirmed smelling gas this evening (and a fourth resident said he smelled at other times) on Walnut Rd. in front of the Park Shelter House. A representative arrived within an hour, checked the site and concluded that it was a miner leak. He said that the gas company would be here soon to correct it. The representative also checked a residence for gas leaks as a precaution.

August 4, 2008:   Leroy the yard butler lawn ornament, was discovered in a yard several doors down from his Maple Rd. home, where he sits on a post. Previously, Leroy’s neighbor, Kathy, had retrieved him from another neighbor’s yard, across the street from his home about ten days ago. Apparently, a community jokester is picking Leroy up in the dark of the night and taking him to decorate different yards in Laurel Mountain Borough.
The question is, where will Leroy visit next?
He can be returned to him home on Maple Road by his new host.

August 1, 2008  The boro will miss the former mayor, Jack, and his wife and family. Through the years Jack served the community in many ways. Their house is sold and the family moved to Ligonier.


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