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May 1, 2008

OUT & ABOUT May 2008

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MAY 15, 2008: Just spotted another tree that fell, broken off in the middle of its height. It’s in a yard on Walnut Rd. near State Rd. Fortunately, the trees all missed houses…While walking Jordan to the bus this morning, I ran into Judith Barbaras walking her dog. They are visiting from Chicago. She told Jordan that she grew up here, and met the school bus just like Jordan did. She noted that it was a great place to grow up in, that for 15 cents a day one could spend their time at the pool.

MAY 14, 2008: The bear story continues. Amy across the street contacted me in mid morning to report that there was a bear in a tree in the yard next door. Sure enough, there was. It stayed there all day. Some viewers were afraid it would climb down and chase them, or that the mother (it was a cub) would appear. But the noise of yard workers should have protected them from a bear approaching. Maybe! Click here for pictures:

MAY 13, 2008: Last Sunday’s storm knocked down one tree in new resident Hollin’s backyard on Maple Rd., and two more just over the fence in the woods. They fell like dominoes. Interestingly, the tree in their backyard did not knock down the one that fell in the woods. Photo:

MAY 2, 2008: At least three other residents report seeing the bear—or perhaps, two bears, one larger than the other—in the borough. Click on BEAR CONFRONTATIONS: SAFETY PRECAUTIONS for information about protecting yourself when out in the wilds where bear might be. For stories about bears, click on BEAR STORIES ACROSS THE NATION.

May 1, 2008: About 5:55 a.m. this morning, Monte Holland on Hemlock Rd. heard a noise louder than a cat makes, and investigated. He immediately came and got me. The noise: a BEAR reaching up to a bird feeder on our living room window! He was gently tapping the window, making the noise. I watched him while unsuccessfully searching for a camera. In about two or less minutes, I watched as he loped through our yard headed to State Rd. He looked like a “teenager.” Has anyone else seen the bear, or evidence of his presence?—Monte and I just returned from traveling to Buffalo to visit my sister who had a stroke and will have open heart surgery Monday; from there we headed to Cleveland Heights where we celebrated our grandson’s 4th birthday by attending the Cleveland Indians/New York Yankees baseball game. Call me with news that occurred during the week we were gone! 724 238 3493.


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