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April 4, 2008


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APRIL 20, 2008: Congratulations to Kristin Mizikar, for being vice president of the Ligonier Valley Historical Society board of directors…From the Looking Back column of the  April 17th Ligonier Echo: 25 years ago, April 20, 1983. The Borough of Laurel Mountain is preparing to adopt its own zoning ordinance—an ordinance that permits only single-family residences plus public and semi-public buildings in the small municipality.—Several precincts will list candidates for Republican County Committee, including Gladys Light and Phil Light, Laurel Mountain Borough.—Has anyone spotted a bobcat lurking about LMB at night (or in the daytime, for that matter)? One was seen behind a house on Walnut Rd. on April 19.

APRIL 18, 2008: Ligonier trash day is tomorrow. Make use of the opportunity to rid your homes of trash that is difficult to dispose of.—Then, follow it up by dropping used cell phones at Ivy’s Restaurant (slip through mail slot if restaurant is closed), Crafts Unlimited or the Ligonier Office Supply stores in Ligonier between now and May 10. They can also be dropped off at Weller Field between 3 p.m. May 9 and noon May 10. This collection is in conjunction with teh American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life being held May 9-10. For more information check

APRIL 10, 2008: The bears are here, as evidenced by the damage to local bird feeders on Hemlock and Beechwood Rds. Click on: and To read bear stories click on: BEAR CONFRONTATIONS: SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (at filed in the category BW/WR CAROLYN) and BEAR STORIES ACROSS THE NATION (at filed in the category FEATURE STORIES)

APRIL 9, 2008: Welcome the Hollins to our community. They moved into their Maple Road home part-time last November. They found the community by accident when they were looking for another road. Their son stays in the house now…Do you know why there are four pillars on White Oak Rd. at the entrance bend? Click on to learn the answer. Also see photos of a flower (can you identify it?), the front entrance and a squirrel who thinks he is a bird

APRIL 4, 2008: In the Ligonier Echo’s Looking Back column, fifty years ago—Robert Barbaras of Laurel Mountain Park, Laughlintown, was elected president of the Ligonier Valley Joint Parent-Teacher Association Tuesday in the junior high school. He succeeded William Lemmon.

APRIL 3, 2008: Allegheny Power subcontractors are working throughout the borough . They are checking power poles for signs of rotting. To do this, they are digging around the hole for a depth of about 18 inches, and examining the underground section of the poles. In some, they drill a hole and insert a powder that absorbs the moisture from the wood. In others, they wrap a sodium chloride wrap around the pole. They brush a preservative on the poles before replacing the dirt.


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