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March 24, 2008


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Laurel Mountain Park, Inc.
Fall Meeting, September 24, 2006


Board members present: President Sue Crouse, Treasurer Craig Miller, Vice-President Gretchen Griffith. Resident members present: Daneen Kinsey, Ann Woodall, Amy O’Brien, George Gerneth, Glenn Scott, Gladys Light, G. F., Mary Jane Snyder, Kathy Schneider and Patricia Hays.
Proxies for Susan Crouse- Kenneth Eckert, Donald Adair, Thomas Adair; for Craig Miller- Alison Stright, Carolyn Ryan and for Daneen Kinsey- Rosena Jordan.

The fall meeting of Laurel Mountain Park, Inc. was opened by President Susan Crouse at 3:20 P.M. Sunday, September 24, 2006. The minutes from the spring meeting of April 23, 2006 were silently reviewed by attendees. Minutes were approved. Sue Crouse informed the attendees that two board members resigned, namely, Bob Appleby and Carolyn Holland. Nominations for the new board included the three current members and G. F. was nominated for secretary and Ann Woodall as a past board member to serve on the current Board. Nominations were closed and the first motion was made by George Gerneth and seconded by Gerry Fleming. The new Board will consist of President Susan Crouse, Treasurer Craig Miller, Secretary G. F., Vice-President Gretchen Griffith and Ann Woodall. Voting members present approved of the election.
George Gerneth thanked the current officers for their service to the community.

Because of the difficulty to obtain Board members, Sue Crouse suggested changing the By-Laws to have four Board members instead of the current five members. Daneen Kinsey suggested the change in the By-Laws not be made and reconsider the change in 2007. This was approved by the attendees.

Treasurer’s report of January 1, 2006 through September 17, 2006 was read by Craig Miller. A comment was that the maintenance amount of $597.68 included $325 for the electric inspection for the property and is good for three years. Also, three additional members have paid dues since the printing of the current statement of Income and Disbursements report.

Craig Miller also reported on the condition of the pool. The pool almost did not open in 2006 but at the last minute, four lifeguards were obtained and there for the pool opened on time. The water filter system is in good working order. Craig also issued a thank you to Harold Kinsey and B. F. for cleaning and painting the pool.

Daneen who supervises the guards reported that Ben Carnes, one of the lifeguards, rescued a floundering swimmer. Linda Lenz gave some swimming lessons. It appears that some of the four guards will be willing to serve the pool in 2007. Also, Harold Kinsey will drain the pool pipes. Daneen reported that the glue for the pipes was improperly installed. Two residents will reglue the pipes this fall. Sue Crouse sent thanks to Harold Kinsey for doing general maintenance at the pool.

Side comment is that with more guards, the use of the pool could be advertised in 2007 hoping to bring in more revenue.

The request for payment of 2007 dues will be sent to members by G. F. and Susan Crouse before the spring meeting- probably in January 2007. The amount of the dues was discussed.
With a total of 48 paying members, Daneen Kinsey stated that we would probably lose members if the dues were raised above $40.00. Currently there are many members donating money along with their $40 dues. It was approved by the attendees to leave the dues at $40.00. Family passes were $100 (two were sold in 2006).

Discussion for fund raising was put to the attendees. Also suggestions were made that the Park should have a Web site. Amy O’Brien, Gretchen Griffith and Kathy Schneider will head up a committee for fund raising. This committee will also consider the Web site. For information, the hall is winterized and not useable in the cold weather.

Amy O’Brien, a new resident in the Park, questioned why is the Memorial Park locked. Daneen stated that it is locked to avoid damage to expensive plantings and memorials. A key can be given to any resident upon request to Harold Kinsey who oversees the Laurel Court Garden.

With no further business to be discussed, President Sue Crouse ended the meeting at 4:08 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
G. F., Secretary.


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