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February 7, 2008


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Completed September 10, 2007, the first informal survey also asked not only what residents liked best about living in LMB. It also asked what residents liked least about living in LMB:

Full time residents:
Tom: People who disregard their neighbors; roads are terrible, I wish they were paved; the roving pets; we used to have privacy
Yvonne: conditions of the road with its scud missile attack holes, no hopes of fixing it between March and May, not enough emphasis on the roads,
Tom: I don’t have any strong dislikes, but would recommend a small park with a sliding board and swing
Dan: the LMB management
Mary Ann: dogs not contained, I don’t know which ones I can trust
Molly: the strange lifeguard
Jordan: the pool is closed
Lise: the roads, especially when other people are on them and I can’t get by
Nan: the roads. The potholes are terrible. We need new routes to get out of here.
Mo: The poison ivy and spiders (especially the wolf spider) which petrify me.

Part time residents:
Mike: the deep ditch on White Oak Rd.—I was stuck in it one time, in mid-summer
Patty: Not much, just little inconveniences that are easy to cope with
Kathy: People weren’t very friendly when we moved in, no one approached us
Mike: the water accumulation from rainstorms, this is a low point. It’s much better now that a catch basin has been installed.


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