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February 7, 2008


FEBRUARY 24 (Sun.): NOTE: Do NOT plan to eat at the Hollow Tavern, on Rt. 30 in the “cut,” at any time in the future. Scuttlebut has it that it burned down, that the inside is gutted. Mid-morning it was still smoldering, and firetrucks were still there…daughter Sandy passed by the restaurant in the early afternoon and said the four walls are standing, but the whole roof had caved in. Six to eight cars were parked there, and people were taking pictures. A state trooper was sitting there watching over things. A firetruck was there.

FEBRUARY 23 (Sat.): I hope everyone is enjoying this weather…the article on the horse and wagon parked at the Pie Shoppe last Sunday and Monday night, LEE HORSELOGGER’S SOJOURN IN LAUGHLINTOWN, PA. is posted at in the category FEATURE STORIES. Make sure you see the pictures at

FEBRUARY 18: Remember, Wed. night is the LMB Council meeting at the Laughlintown Senior Center. Please show your support for our council members by attending.—How many LMB residents noticed the horses and wagon parked in the Pie Shop parking lot since Sunday? Residents notified me, and I had my daughter Sandy accompany me to check it out. Click on the photo site to see a picture, and watch for an article that will appear in the Beanery Online Literary Magazine.

FEBRUARY 6: I overheard a television weatherman saying Pittsburgh broke a record in high temperatures today—by one degree. It certainly was a nice day, with blue sky, puffy white clouds and pleasant temperature. I made it home from my walk just before the rains fell around dinnertime.—Met Mike on Maple Rd., who stopped to tell me that just before turning into the borough he saw a brilliant, wide rainbow, made all the more beautiful by the backdrop of blue, blue sky.—on the ground under the for sale sign on the cedar cottage on Maple Rd. there was a sign “on contract.” The seller was there, and said tomorrow is the closing. Welcome the new owners when they arrive…New photos posted…to view them click on

FEBRUARY 2: About four a.m. boro residents Sandy, Jordan, her guest, and the neighbors on Hemlock Rd. reported they were awakened by two blasts of thunder. Jordan said it sounded like va-voom. It frightened her and she and her guest ran to Sandy’s room, for at least a half an hour. Sandy said it was snowing. I was awakened too, and listened as the rolls of thunder continued for at least a half hour. In the morning the electric blinked three times, and we lost it on the third blink.

I tried to go to Greensburg but gave up when I hit almost whiteout conditions in the cut. On the west side of the cut it was clear and sunny.

Today was coooollldd—tonight our thermometer registered 8 degrees. Add the wind chill factor, and it is bitter. The gusts were mighty strong—so strong that when I tried to open my car door, the wind slammed it shut! Enroute home on Nature Run Rd., I pulled over so a vehicle with blue and red lights flashing could pass me. it pulled up beside me and I wondered what was wrong, was I speeding? The police officer just wanted to warn me that if I was going up over the hill I wouldn’t be able to pass through, because there was a tree down over the road on top of the hill. I thanked him and continued on, following him. A few seconds later he cut his flashing lights.


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