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February 5, 2008


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The first informal survey of residents (a few are part-time), comprised of two questions, has been completed (Sept. 2007). This article is a compilation of the answers to the first question, WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT LIVING IN LAUREL MOUNTAIN. BOROUGH? The top answer speaks overwhelmingly to the community’s peace, quiet, and beauty—

Yvonne: it’s peaceful, a great neighborhood, and I always loved living here

Nan: the peace, quiet and privacy

Dan: truthfully, the peace and quiet

Lise: the quiet

Mike: quiet, solitude

Kathy: it’s quiet.

Tom Adair: the appearance of being a rural environment,

Tom Mizikar: the dark at night

Mary Ann: everything—the beauty, everyone is so nice where we live, we just love it here

Patty: the peacefulness, how restful it is; people are friendly but not intrusive; the neighborliness of people who look after each other

Child 1: the nice people

There were several other answers.
Dina: the swimming pool
Mike Hickey: the horseshoe pits in his yard
Mo: I didn’t choose to live here, but I like the little animals—the deer, bear, raccoons, foxes, birds, skunks—the wildlife you can see.

Watch for the survey answers to the question: WHAT DO YOU LIKE LEAST ABOUT LIVING IN LAUREL MOUNTAIN BOROUGH.


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