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February 5, 2008

TRANSITIONS: July 2006 through April 2007

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APRIL 2007

Listed are persons LMB said farewell to, new LMB residents and real Estate Transactions (listed by address and in no particular order of date) since July 2006.

Contact Carolyn C. Holland by E-mail ( or phone (724 238 3493) or with any additions or corrections.

Laurel Mountain Borough bid farewell to those who moved away:

Funk, Terrill & Cheryl: 10 Beechwood Rd.

Leipold, xxx: 27 Maple Rd.

Murphy, Terry & Pam: 19 Beechwood Rd.

Patterson, Peg: 13 Hemlock Rd.

Woodall, Robert & Ann: 9 Maple Rd.

Wright, Benjamin & Carole: 15 Maple Rd.

Laurel Mountain Borough losses by death:

Pitcairn, Ivadeen: 5 White Oak

Rubenstein, Erwin L. (June 17, 2006): Waterford-Laughlintown Rd.

Laurel Mountain Borough welcomes new residents:

Full-time Owners

Adair, Tom & Linda, 16 Maple Rd.

Bell, Cathie: 5 White Oak

Balentine, Christopher & Marcia and daughters Lena and Ava: 27 Maple

Collins, Cindy & Shuman, George D: 10 Beechwood

O’Brien, Dan & Amy, children Emma & Molly, Amy’s mother, Anne Chitester: 13 Hemlock

Schwan, Alfred (Fred) and Beth: 3 White Oak

Jason Dent & Jessica Holdorf: 31 Walnut Rd.

Part-time Owners

Atkinson, Michael C.: 15 Maple

Hlista, Joseph & his wife, Alice Grasso, and daughters Jessica Grasso and Rachael Grasso: 9 Hemlock Road

Shields, Charles: 18 Beechwood

PROPERTY TRANSFERS from July 2006 to the present:

Beechwood #10: from Terrill & Cheryl Funk to Cindy Collins

Beechwood #18: from Tometsko to Charles Shields

Beechwood #19: from Terry Murphy to Seward P. Mellon

Hemlock #9: from Ann & Bob Woodall to Alice Grasso

Hemlock #13: from Peg Patterson to Dan & Amy O’Brien

Maple #15: from Benjamin & Carole Wright to Michael C. Atkinson

Maple #27: from Leipold to Christopher & Marcia Balentine

Walnut 31: from estate of Nellie Williams to Jason Dent & Jessica Holdorf

White Oak #3: from Kenneth Eckert to Alfred Schwan (formerly Bill and Ann Clark’s residence)

White Oak #5: Estate of Ivadeen Pitcairn to Catherine Bell at 5 White Oak Road for $130,600 publ. 2/24/07


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