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February 5, 2008

BEAR STORIES cont. (May 2007)

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MAY 28, 2007: When Monte and I awoke this Monday morning I discovered I hadn’t taken my bird feeders in last night. Two shepherd’s hooks holding bird feeders were bent to the ground, but fortunately only one feeder was slightly damaged. A squirrel was enjoying the remnants of seed scattered on the ground. A third pole, holding two planters with impatiens, was knocked to the ground also. The flowers survived and the pots wire hung elsewhere, since Monte and I were on our way to Sykesville to visit friends. Guess the bear is still around and visiting his damage on bird feeders! Was anyone else visited this weekend? Let me know, E-mail me…. —Carolyn

MAY 25, 2007 Lifted from the LIGONIER ECHO column (with permission): Looking Back — Echoes of Yesteryear, page 4.
10 Years Ago

MAY 28, 1997 A bear has been on the prowl in the Laurel Mountain Boro/Laughlintown area, and residents are being urged to take precautions.

MAY 10, 2007 Late last fall, Christen and I saw “The Bear” in your daughter’s yard. We were returning home from a friend’s house, at around 11:30 or so at night. As we turned from State Rd into the park (onto Walnut Rd.), we caught the rather large (!) bear in our headlights. He/she made immediately for a tree and began to climb before realizing we were not a threat. (I was impressed with the way the rather stout tree shook as the bear jumped onto the trunk.) The bear then came down and sauntered off toward Craig Miller’s house. Presumably to a tasty birdseed buffet. Tom Miz

The bear about which Tom speaks knocked down a light pole at the edge of my daughter Sandy’s driveway, and left a “pile” of evidence nearby. It also visited my yard, leaving its evidence under a pine tree by my patio, including undigested berries it had eaten off a tree in the O’Brien’s yard, where it knocked down their bird feeder poles. —Carolyn


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