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November 27, 2007

LMB COUNCIL MINUTES September 19, 2007

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Borough of Laurel Mountain Minutes
Regular Monthly Meeting
Held September 19, 2007Present: Griffith, Holland, Kinsey, Snyder, Miller, Mayor Goughnour, Solicitor Miller

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm with a quorum present. The minutes of the August 15, 2007 meeting were approvedN as amended. The following reports were submitted to council:

Treasurer’s Report:
Borough of Laurel Mountain
Treasurer’s Report – September 19,2007

Balance on hand August 1, 2007 27,334.17
August Receipts
15 District Court 50.8
15 RE Trans Tax 1073.1 (Riffle) (Young/Couch)
1,123.90 1123.9

August Disbursements
15 Geary & Loperfito 275.00
15 Allegheny Power 24.33
15 Taryn Ankney – Net 267.57
15 PAMS – Commission 208.87
15 Craig Miller – Commission 6.40
15 Ligonier Borough Police 450.00
15 Higbee Insurance 2,021.00
3,253.17 3,253.17
Balance as of August 31, 2007 31,711.24

PLGIT Fund Balances (4.95%)
General Fund 36497.86
Sewage Fund 5816.83
Waterline Fund 14159.67
Legal Reserve Fund 4068.45
Liquid Fuels Fund 6817.75

First Commonwealth Bank
Drainage Project account $.00 All grant funds expended

The following items were submitted for payment approval:
Ligonier Borough – Police 200
Geary and Loperfito 275
Taryn Ankney 267.57
LMP, Inc. 750
Allegheny Power 24.62
Joe Golden 60
Total 1577.19

Public Comment:
A property owner of two land-locked lots #149 & #151 on Reservoir Road was present to ask if the road could be opened.

Solicitor Miller noted that the Borough does not have the authority to grant this permission. This road was never laid out

and it would be an issue between this property owner and adjacent landowners.

Resident Jim Foster was present to voice concern of the removal of survey markers from his property by the contractor working

on the entrance drainage project.

Mayor’s Report: No old business.
Municipal Services Committee:
Mrs. Kinsey noted contractor Don Ankney has completed the first phase of the drainage project. Mrs. Kinsey is pleased with

the work. The borough is eligible to reapply for funding in 2008 to continue drainage work in the borough.

The maintenance agreement has been received from the Westmoreland County Municipal Authority. The Authority maintains the

sole right to cancel the agreement on a thirty-day notice. Mr. Griffith noted that if the borough executes the agreement and

they maintain the lines the borough has nothing to use to apply for grant funding to bring the lines up to the standards

required for take over by the authority. It would be best if the borough had the same right to the thirty-day cancellation

notice. This agreement would cover routine maintenance only and not capital improvements to the system. Before the borough

signs the agreement, Solicitor Miller will go back to the authority and request that language be included in the agreement

giving the borough the same thirty-day cancellation option.

As previously discussed, bids will be solicited for the cleaning of ditches once leaves have come down.

Finance Committee: No old business.
Solicitor’s Report:
A hearing will be held September 28, 2007 at 11:00 am at the Westmoreland County Courthouse on the Kunkle suit. Mr. Griffith

will attend as a witness; he will meet with Solicitor Miller just prior to this hearing.

Mayor’s Report:
Mayor Goughnour reported that during the month of August the police made 30 patrols and four incidents. Time spent on

regular pr time spent in the borough on regular patrols was
Municipal Services Committee:
Resident Harold Kinsey has trimmed vegetation back at several borough intersections.

It was reported that there is a renter residing in the garage apartment at the Beck Property. This type of renting is

prohibited by t he Zoning Ordinance. Council secretary will draft a letter notifying the property owner of this violation, a

letter will also be sent to the renter. The name of the renter is unknown at this point.
Mr. Holland has filled a number of potholes on the roads. Mr. Miller noted that it is unusual for a community to have

volunteer labor. Mr. Miller suggested council considering hiring an individual that can do this type of maintenance. He

suggested a part-time position that would require only a limited number of hours a month.

Finance Committee: Year to date budget figures are looking good. Income is where it should be expenses are slightly lower

due to timing.
Solicitor’s Report: No new
WCBA will hold its next meeting September 27 at 7:00 at the Westmoreland Conservation District Barn for any council member

whishing to attend.
Mayor’s Report:
Municipal Services Committee:
1. Part Time labor
2. Snow plowing bids
3. Ditch Cleaning

Finance Committee:

Solicitor’s Report:
1. Kunkle
2. Waterline Maintenance Agreement
3. Sewage Agreement
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.


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