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November 27, 2007


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Borough of Laurel Mountain
Regular Monthly Meeting Held
August 15, 2007Present: Griffith, Miller, Holland, Solicitor Miller
Absent: Snyder, Mayor Goughnour

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm with a quorum present. The minutes of the July 1, 2007 meeting were approved as amended. The following reports were submitted to council:

Treasurers Report:
Balance on hand July 1, 2007 27,587.68
July Receipts
20 Craig Miller – RE tax 128.05
20 District Court – Fine 50.8
30 PAMS – EIT 672.58
851.43 851.43

July Disbursements
18 Ligonier Borough Police 200.00
18 Craig Miller — Commission 67.91
18 PAMS – Commission 15.47
18 PA Dept of Revenue 27.63
18 PA UC Fund 47.83
18 Allegheny Power 24.33
18 Joe Golden 40.00
18 Geary & Loperfito (Solicitor) 276.50
18 Taryn Ankney – net 267.57
18 IRS – Payroll Taxes 137.70
PLGIT Fund Balances (5%)
General Fund 36,345.13
Sewage Fund 5,792.49
Waterline Fund 14,100.42
Legal Reserve Fund 4,051.43
Liquid Fuels Fund 6,789.22

First Commonwealth Bank
Drainage Project account 5,000.00

The following items were approved for payment:
Geary & Loperfito 275.00
Allegheny Power 24.33
Taryn Ankney – Net 267.57
PAMS – Commission 208.87
Craig Miller – Commission 6.40
Ligonier Borough Police 450.00
Higbee Insurance 2,021.00 (2006 – $1939 — 2005 – $1907)
Total 3,253.17

Mayor’s Report: No old business
Municipal Services Committee:
Mrs. Kinsey reported that McDowell Tree Services does not carry workers compensation on his employees. Solicitor Miller cautioned council that the borough could be held liable if a McDowell employee is injured while working on a borough job. After discussion, a motion was made by Mr. Griffith, seconded by Mr. Holland to authorize Mrs. Kinsey asked to contact Scott Matson for tree removal, previously awarded to McDowell Tree Service, pending receipt of necessary insurance documentation – carried. It was noted that Matson’s bids was $50 higher than McDowell,

Rob Cronauer of the Westmoreland County Conservation District has awarded the contract for the drainage project to Don Ankney. This work will be completed before the end of August.

Finance Committee: No old business
Solicitor’s Report: No old business.

Mayor’s Report:
In the absence of Mayor Goughnour, Mr. Griffith reported that the police made six patrols of the borough and investigated seven incidents during the month of July. The department spent 57 minutes in routine patrols and spent 1:56 in 911 response and eight hours on incident investigation.

Municipal Services Committee:
Mrs. Kinsey will solicit plowing bids from Berkey Excavating and two other contractors for winter 2007-2008.

Ditches and catch basis will be cleaned after the leaves are down.

Harold Kinsey has trimmed back vegetation and the entrance so that visibility is better.

Council authorized Mr. Holland to purchase the appropriate aggregate for minor repairs to borough roads not to exceed $125.00.

Council met with Don Snyder, solicitor for the sewage authority to discuss the agreement between the authority and the borough. As previously discussed, until an engineering study is conducted the borough will not know what type of system will be used, and many of the questions council has will remain unanswered until this study is complete. One area of particular concern is the benefit assessment. It was noted by Mr. Snyder that the benefit assessment would be based on the pre-improved market value of the property. The cost to property owners is still vague and cannot be determined until a system has been designed for the borough. If we do not participate, it is possible that the DEP could mandate that we install on our own. Funds are being sought from the Rural Utility Service; if these funds are not available, a Penn Vest Grants would be sought.

Finance Committee: No new business
Solicitor’s Report:
Susan Crouse of LMP Inc reported that the pool has not been open due to a broken pump. A new pump has been obtained and will be installed but it is unlikely the pool will reopen this season. It hoped the park association will break even for this season. Mrs. Kinsey voice concern over the dirty pool water and the possibility of children climbing the fence and requested the Park Association drain the pool as soon as possible

Mayor’s Report: No new business
Municipal Services Committee:
1. Drainage Project
2. Fall Road Maintenance
3. Tree Removal – Matson
4. Sewage Agreement
Finance Committee:
Solicitor’s Report:
1. Waterline Maintenance Agreement Westmoreland County

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.


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