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November 22, 2007


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NOVEMBER 25, 2007: The season is changing. On the 24th there was a light covering of snow on the ground, and it’s been cold since then. Walking around the Boro one sees Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. It seems like the holidays no longer follow each other, but they merge into one extended end of the year blast of celebrations. To see some of the decorations and to view photos of how one community cat handled being left out of the traditional Thanksgiving meal, click on To read the story of Honey, THE SNITTY CAT (AT Thanksgiving, too) visit and scroll down.
NOVEMBER 23, 2007: Temperature 25 degrees at nine in the morning, and a light snow dusts the trees and grass.
NOVEMBER 22, 2007: The boro was quiet this Thanksgiving morning. The weather was drastically different than yesterday’s was—when I left for my mid-morning walk it had just started to rain, so I went under the protection of my umbrella. To view the day’s pictures click on Our family celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow, but Monte and I, and Jess, will join neighbors Dan and Amy, for dinner today.
November 21, 2007: It was a gorgeous day today. The Borough Council met tonight with the four newly elected members, four-year term members John and Monte, and two-year elected members, Daneen and Mary Jane. Watch for a report on the meeting in the category Boro Council.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Read two Thanksgiving stories in the Beanery Writers Online Literary Magazine, Volumes 1 and 2. Click on LEFTOVER TURKEY and THE THANKSGIVING TURKEY by Carolyn or visit (Vol. 1) and (Volume 2)


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