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November 3, 2007


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Tom and his partner have a radio station that can be heard in Ligonier and at  The posting below relates his “Nature Meets Civilization” story of events that occurred this past week.Earlier this week Tom Mizikar needed to pick up some boxes that were delivered to the Ligonier Country Inn for him. Because it was during one of the rainy spells (which was most of this week) he remembered to grab several tarps off his woodpile before he took off. As he drove down the road, he looked over. A snake was coiled at the edge of the tarp, ready to strike. It acted, but missed Tom and returned to the tarps. Tom continued on.He looked over again to see it slithering down the top of the tarps to the passenger seat and towards him. He stood up and drove with the snake under him on the driver’s seat. In this position he couldn’t control the brakes or gas pedal. He put the car in neutral and coasted the remainder of the distance to the Ligonier Country Inn parking lot, where an employee became alarmed at the grimace on Tom’s face and perhaps thought Tom was having a heart attack.Tom opened the door and yelled “I have a snake in here!!”The 12-15 inch yellow snake slithered out of he car into the unknown. Tom doesn’t know what type of snake it was—he’s not a snake expert—but the employee said he believed it was a baby copperhead.

Tune in to Tom’s radio station on you computer by clicking on   Let him know how you enjoy it—comment below!


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