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November 3, 2007


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MAY 15, 2007 PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTSThe Laurel Mountain Borough election site (the Laurel Mountain Park Shelter House) opened to voters at 7:00 a.m. Five persons manned the building until 8:00 p.m.: the Judge of Elections, Jim Pisano; the Majority Inspector, the Minority Inspector, the clerk and the machine inspector.
Voters used an electronic voting machine that was backed up by the required paper ballot. According to the workers, the machines presented no problems.

Monte W. Holland was the only republican name on the ballot.
Democrat names on the ballot were Daneen Kinsey and Mary Jane Snyder.
The three had filed with the Westmoreland County Board of Elections to run in their party’s race. Each complied with the needed ten votes to be listed on the ballot.

The unofficial election results are posted on the Shelter House. They are as follows:

Voter turnout: 59 of 130 registered voters.

Tax Question: 55 no; 2 yes; 2 underwrote (didn’t vote on the question)

Laurel Mountain Borough Council ballots:

Monte W. Holland: 25 plus 1 write-in
Daneen Kinsey: 13
Mary Jane Snyder: 11

John Miller: 8 Republican, 2 Democrat
Tom Adair: 4
Don Brant: 1
Sue Elaine Kelly: 1
Anybody Else: 1

REMEMBER: Prepare yourself now to vote in the November elections!

The write-in votes were:

Holland (Rep.), Kinsey (Dem.) and Snyder (Dem.) filed with the Westmoreland County Board of Elections to run in the May primary election for their party’s nomination for a council seat.
Miller is affiliated with the Independent Party.

Voters who were registered as Independent could only vote on the tax issue.


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