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November 3, 2007


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“I was thrilled to tell everyone I had a bear on the front stoop,” said Ann (13 Hemlock Rd.).

She didn’t see the bear when she stayed up until 2:00 a.m. one night after one attacked her bird feeders, according to Dan, her son-in-law (with whom she lives). It happened last Monday, July 9, while Monte and I were on vacation.

At about 8:45 p.m., when Dan was in his living room, he happened to look out the front door.

“I saw a bear looking in,” he said.

His wife, Amy, said at first he thought it was a dog.

“I yelled for Ann and the girls to go to the window in Ann’s room, because the bear (was now) standing in the driveway,” Dan said.

Amy’s mother, Ann, saw the bear run toward the bird feeder. Emma took note of its black ears sticking up. They were brown in the middle. Molly and Dan watched it as it sauntered up the road toward Phil’s house.

“I guess he was one of the cubs searching for a route he learned from his mother,” said Dan. “I’m guessing it was an adolescent. Both its ears were tagged, so he’d bee trapped before. He didn’t seem the least bit concerned.”


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