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November 2, 2007


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See Council Report, Public Comment, June 20, 2007 for a report on the public comment part of the meeting.Council members present: Joe Griffith, Daneen Kinsey, Monte Holland, John Miller. Also present were Mayor Jack Goughnour, secretary Taryn and solicitor Jeff Miller. Seven borough residents attended.
The minutes and treasurer’s reports were amended and accepted in a unanimous vote by the council members.
Mayor Jack Gougnour presented the Ligonier Police department report. There were 32 routine calls (drive throughs) and three incidents (two 911 responses), for a total of 5 hours and 53 minutes for the past month. He was also contacted by U. S. census bureau about the borough’s hired employees: two, the secretary and the solicitor.
Daneen gave a municipal report on the roads, saying Berkey completed just what was needed in the roadwork.
She said she attended a two-day workshop in Greensburg, required for the road grant the borough received (there will be an article on that in the near future). “I learned a lot,” she said. “It was great.”
One thing pointed out at the workshop was roads are ruined by heavy traffic and automobile speed. “The faster cars drive, the more they ruin the road,” Daneen said. She expressed concern about cars speeding in the borough and not stopping at the stop signs, citing as an example the Tribune-Review delivery person, who “comes down Beechwood Rd. so fast she can hardly make the bend at the tennis courts.” Daneen called her and asked her not to drive so fast, that she might be ticketed. The driver said she wasn’t driving fast, and that the roads won’t last.
Daneen followed through on the request to contact Herrholtz about the land he is selling at the borough’s Rt. 30 entrance. She spoke with the real estate agent and suggested a price that the Council might consider paying for the whole piece of property (it’s listed at $13,500). The agent made a counter-offer. The council agreed, at Solicitor Jeff’s suggestion, to discuss the issue in executive session. (It will have to come back to the open session before action can occur, however.)
Monte said he, John and Jack met with Rob Kronauer and a summer intern from the PA. Conservation District (dirt road and gravel division) regarding the White Oak ditch project. Rob had his project proposal with a nice drawing showing the shape of the ditch and how he wanted it filled with various size stones. It was concluded an adequate ditch would have 6-inch pipe at the upper half of White Oak and an 8-inch pipe the remaining distance. The pipe would continue across the borough property with a slight swale for surface water. Joe asked about using 8-inch pipe the entire distance, suggesting the cost wouldn’t be that significant. Monte said there should be less accumulated water farther up where the 6-inch pipe was. Daneen said Rob Kronauer is negotiating the contract and setting up the project, and he has a great deal of expertise.
If there is money left over after doing the ditching on White Oak Road Kronauer will address the Beechwood Road problems, and there’s the possibility of getting future grants to deal with other issues. However, this particular grant is written to deal with the water problems and deep ditch on the one side of White Oak Rd.
Joe said there was had been a work session on the sewer agreement.
Taryn said an auditor agreed to do the Laurel Mountain Borough at the budgeted amount.
SOLICITOR’S REPORT: The motion to finalize a judgment is scheduled for June 29.
He had a phone conversation about the sewers with Mark (???). The engineering for the Laughlintown and Laurel Mountain Borough sewer project hasn’t been done, and is not anticipated to be done for quite a while. The engineering for the Darlington sewer project is being done first.
Jeff asked about sewer tap-ins in the Borough engineering project. He was told there is not a property here not capable of being tapped into the sewers. Joe received a confirmation that it was property, not resident.
Joe said references are made to the Darlington, Waterford, and Laughlintown sewer projects, and he is concerned that assessments will be different here that are different than those in Waterford and Darlington.
The meeting adjourned at 8:38 p. m.

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