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November 2, 2007


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This is the official minutes of the LMB Council Meeting

Borough of Laurel Mountain Minutes
Regular Monthly Meeting
Held July 16, 2007Present: Kinsey, Griffith, Miller, Holland, Snyder, Mayor Goughnour, Solicitor Miller

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm with a quorum present. The minutes of the June 2007 were approved as amended. Te following reports were submitted to council.

Treasurers Report:
Balance on hand June 1, 2007 35,301.99
June Receipts
18 Delinquent Taxes – West. Cty 406.48
30 Higbee Insurance – Refund 19.07
25 PAMS – Per Capita 11.00
25 PAMS – EIT 607.64
29 Real Estate Tax 1,358.15
2,402.34 2,402.34
June Disbursements
20 Ligonier Borough Police 200.00
20 Berkey Excavating 4,020.00
20 Derry Stone 306.41
20 JMG 4,050.00
20 LMP Inc. Rental 750.00
20 Allegheny Power 24.62
20 Joe Golden 60.00
20 Geary & Loperfito (Solicitor) 275.00
20 Taryn Ankney – Net 267.57
20 Postmaster – Stamps 41.00
20 PAMS – Commission 122.05
10,116.65 10,116.65
PLGIT Fund Balances (5%)
General Fund 36,191.41
Sewage Fund 5,767.99
Waterline Fund 14,040.78
Legal Reserve Fund 4,034.30
Liquid Fuels Fund 6,760.51

First Commonwealth Bank
Drainage Project account 5,000.00

The following items were approved for payment:
Ligonier Borough Police 200.00
Craig Miller — Commission 67.91
PAMS – Commission 15.47
PA Dept of Revenue 27.63
PA UC Fund 47.83
Allegheny Power 24.33
Joe Golden 40.00
Geary & Loperfito (Solicitor) 276.50
Taryn Ankney – net 267.57
IRS – Payroll Taxes 137.70
Total 1,104.94

Mayor’s Report:
Municipal Services Committee:
Mr. Holland reported that he contact PennDOT on June 26 and again on July 2 regarding the front entrance. On July 3, PennDot had a crew working at the front entrance to clean up the gravel and debris that had washed over the area from Route 30 at no cost to the borough.

Mrs. Kinsey presented three bids for the removal of a dead Hemlock, the were:
Doug Gross Landscaping $700
Scott Matson $350
McDowell $300
A motion was made by Mr. Griffith, seconded by Mr. Holland to authorize the removal of the dead Hemlock tree – carried. Mrs. Kinsey was instructed to obtain a copy of Mr. McDowell’s insurance certification prior to removal of the tree.

Finance Committee:
Ms. Snyder noted there are no substantial variances in income or expenses in the year to date budget figures..

Solicitor’s Report:
Solicitor Miller reported that a default judgment, in favor of the borough, has been received in the Kunkle case. Ms. Kunkle’s attorney has petitioned to open the default judgment. The Judge will hear the testimony to reopen the case on September 28, 2007. This will take place prior to the Borough’s court date to submit information on the $2,000 fine connected with the Zoning violation. Solicitor Miller noted that it is unlikely the judge will reopen the case, as a deadline was missed on behalf of Kunkle.

Another situation that exists with that property is the possibility that the sand mound is on the right of way. If it is determined that the sand mound is on the right of way it is unlikely that the courts would require removal so Solicitor Miller cautioned council against waging a battle that will likely not have a favorable outcome for the borough.

It was additional noted that Kim Kunkle is selling her property on a rent to own basis. The prospective purchaser will need to be made aware of the situation that exists with the property.

Mayor’s Report:
Mayor Goughnour reported that during June the police made 26 patrols and investigated two incidents. The police also made three traffic patrols. Total time for June was 5:05 with 37 minutes spent on emergency response. Time for the year is 34:23.

Mr. Holland suggested the borough maintain a small amount of stone in the borough so that minor road repairs can be made by members of the Municipal Services Committee.

Municipal Services Committee:
Council discussed the cleaning of Borough culverts and ditches. This work will be done after the leaves are off the trees in the fall.

Finance Committee:

Solicitor’s Report: No new business
Council will meet with Don Snyder, solicitor for the Municipal Sewage Authority to discuss the contract between the borough and the authority. It was noted that because the engineering has not been performed for this phase of the sewage project, many of the questions council may have would be impossible to answer at this point. This session will be held at the Shelter house on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at 6:00 p.m.

Susan Crouse of LMP Inc was present to request that council consider increasing the amount the borough provides to the Park Association for rental of the Shelter House. After discussion, council agreed they would be willing to consider this increase for 2008. In the mean time if a dire situation should arise with Park Association funding council would consider an increase prior to the new budget. It was also suggested that a recreation committee be formed with a representative present to make monthly reports at the regular council meeting

Mayor’s Report: No continuing
Municipal Services Committee:
1. Drainage Project
2. Fall Road Maintenance
3. Sewage Agreement
Finance Committee:
Solicitor’s Report:
1. Kunkle suit
2. Waterline maintenance agreement
1. Recreation Report
2. Property purchase possibility

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:00.


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