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November 1, 2007


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MAY 31: It’s unbelievable that this is the last day in May…the weather is beautiful and residents have been clearing out the winter mess and working to shape up their yards for summer use…While out walking around the boro a couple of weeks ago I noticed irresponsible persons had tossed bottles and food packaging along some boro roads. The litter is unappealing and detracts from the boro’s beauty. When walking yesterday I noticed the lack of litter. I can only assume that the women who use their walking time to pick up litter along the local roads were responsible. Those of us who have lived here a while know who they are and that we owe them many thanks for keeping our area—inside and outside the boro—beautiful and litter free…Watch for June’s OUT & ABOUT!

MAY 16: This notice was posted in the newsletter late today: FOUND on the side of the road in front of 33 Walnut Road: a car charger for something electronic. It’s a Verizonwireless car  charger that plugs into a cigarette lighter. The part that inserts into the electronics equipment is about 1/2 inch. It was found Monday, May 16 in midday. Call Carolyn to claim. I took the item to the Borough Council meeting tonight, where the owner was found.

MAY 8: The ground rumbled and dust clouds rose as road machinery continued their work today. Click on the photo album (scenery) for a peek.

MAY 7: Roadwork in the borough has begun! Watch for improvements over the next few days.

MAY 4: Westmoreland History, the magazine of the Westmoreland Historical Society, published an article on Robert Mendler, a holocaust survivor from Latrobe. Carolyn C. Holland is the author. Copies, $5, are available from WCHS by calling 724/836-1800.

MAY 3: WARNING: The bears are back. Protect your property by taking your bird feeders inside at night.

Early this morning Craig Miller, 10 Hemlock Rd., was adjusting his bird feeder. He thought a squirrel had “rearranged” it until he noticed muddy paw prints on his yellow siding and bay windows. “The bear is back,” he said. (See Photo Album, Who’s Who for a pix of the bear paw.)

Just after the noon bell rang Dan O’Brien approached me as I was digging dandelions from my front yard. He wanted to warn me that a bear was on the loose—two of his birdfeeder poles (13 Hemlock Rd.) were flattened to the ground this morning!

Does anyone else have a “bear story?” If so, E-mail me:


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