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November 1, 2007


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JULY 31, 2007  As you pass by the stone house at 18 Beechwood Rd., pause to welcome Sharyn, who bought the house and moved in three weeks ago. She hales from Waterford, and is enjoying the natural environment and friendly people. 
JULY 29, 2007   On July 24, 2007 at 6:00 p.m., LMB council members met with Don Snyder, Ligonier Municipal Authority representative, to discuss the sewage agreement with the Ligonier Municipal Authority.
JULY 28, 2007:   When Monte and I looked at houses in LMB in September 2000, we were shown four of five homes being sold on Maple Rd. Since we purchased our Hemlock Rd. home at the end of October that year, eleven Maple Rd. houses have sold. Only five houses on Maple Rd. haven’t been on the market in this time frame. Two of these are rentals, which have changed tenants at least once. Currently, four Maple Rd. houses are on the market.
JULY 27, 2007:   Just about noon today there was a terrific downpour that stopped almost as soon as it began. Click on to view photos.
JULY 26, 2007:  According to Harold K., Monarda (a.k.a. bergamot, Oswego tea, horsemint and bee balm), with its red, pink or white blossoms, is in bloom in the gardens (at the old tennis court). For more info click on websites:
JULY 26, 2007:   Click on to view a photo of a cat living on Locust Rd. Louis (des Isles, though not spelled that way) is the feline mascot of the novel I’m writing, since he was named after one of the characters. The two year old, which only recently caught his first mouse, is a.k.a. Faust (French for “devil,” which is appropriate since my novel character is French). He is a docile, indoor cat who enjoys the outdoors at the end of a leash. His only drawback is that he doesn’t purr, although his owner said he is a happy cat who “kneads” her belly.
JULY 24, 2007:   Jason R. Reed, arborist rep, spent several hours touring LMB seeking and evaluating the presence of the hemlock woolly adelgid invasion of the borough’s eastern hemlock trees. He also pointed out the spider mite and weather damage to the trees. Watch for the future article the several residents gleaned from touring the community with Jason…As if invasive insects weren’t enough of a concern, worriers should be concerned over the knotweed invasion…and a future invasion of KUDZU, which is a climbing vine with purple flowers (under the leaves, hard to see—ask me—I collected a jarful of the blossoms while living in Stone Mountain, GA.). It was added to Pa’s noxious weed list in 1989 and the state has 23 sites enrolled in its kudzu eradication program. (Click on KUDZU IN PENNSYLVANIA? NO WAY!  and KUDZU BLACKOUTS  to read more about kudzu.)
JULY 23, 2007:   People passing the little white cottage at 16 Maple Rd. will notice a car with New York state license plates parked in the driveway. Renter Jim Glose, from Hamburg, N. Y., just moved here from Phoenix, Arizona. He is employed at Speedgoat, the bike shop in Laughlintown…Click on to view photos of hemlock woolly adelgid taken today at John Miller’s on Maple Rd. Also posted on the photo site are pictures of the front entrance to LMB.
July 20, 2007:   Amy across the street told me to post the fact that Monte took me to the emergency room at 4:00 a.m. this morning. Well, you can read all about it by clicking on A BUG (MOTH) IN HER EAR
July 19, 2007:   On Tuesday morning John Miller will be taking an “authority” from the appropriate agency through LMB to inspect for the hemlock woolly adelgid. If you spot a problem on your trees, call John or E-mail with the information. It looks like small white pockmarks at the base of the needles. Click on ADELGES TSUGAE INFESTS EASTERN HEMLOCK TREES  to read an article on the insect, and click on for further information.
July 18, 2007: LMB Council met tonight. Watch for a report. It will include a discussion on the hemlock wooly adelgid, an insect attacking the eastern hemlock tree, which has been spotted in LMB.
July 17, 2007:   Ann of 13 Hemlock Rd. is recuperating after a fall that injured her eye. Her sight in that eye is improving after two surgeries and therapy.
July 16, 2007:   “I was thrilled to tell everyone I had a bear on the front stoop,” said Ann (13 Hemlock Rd.).She didn’t see the bear when she stayed up until 2:00 a.m. one night after one attacked her bird feeders, according to Dan, her son-in-law (with whom she lives). It happened last Monday, July 9, while Monte and I were on vacation.
At about 8:45 p.m., when Dan was in his living room, he happened to look out the front door.
“I saw a bear looking in,” he said.
His wife, Amy, said at first he thought it was a dog.
“I yelled for Ann and the girls to go to the window in Ann’s room, because the bear (was now) standing in the driveway,” Dan said.
Amy’s mother, Ann, saw the bear run toward the bird feeder. Emma took note of its black ears sticking up. They were brown in the middle. Molly and Dan watched it as it sauntered up the road toward Phil’s house.
“I guess he was one of the cubs searching for a route he learned from his mother,” said Dan. “I’m guessing it was an adolescent. Both its ears were tagged, so he’d been trapped before. He didn’t seem the least bit concerned.”
Any more bear stories? Call me or E-mail me at:
JULY 3, 2007: PENNDOT workers planned to spend a day resolving the water drainage problem at the Rt. 30 entrance to LMB. A worker said the Boro is getting washout from water coming down Laurel Mountain, and pointed out bad ditching and a plugged drain. See the article in the ROADS AND DRAINAGE category. To see photos click on .

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